Ally Code Sharing [October/November 2020]

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Greetings Holo Tables Veterans and Novices,

Are you a newer player who would like to borrow really strong characters to use on the Light Side, Cantina, Mod Battle or challenge holo-tables?

Are you an older player who is willing to let others borrow your characters?

Here, new players and veteran players can post their ally codes!

Find new allies using the following rules:
> Post your ally code if your willing to become allies with others in the community!
> What lead you have set or are looking for on the tables
> No additional text or the post will be edited/removed
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  • Ally Code: 333-249-186 I started recently could I get maybe a pretty op character?
    Also I really love your game keep up the good work!!

  • 526-676-752 (Looking to help out new players!)

    Jedi Knight Revan R6
  • I have posted before but I am still a new player. All I have is ns and phoenix. I don't know how to efficiently farm in this game.

    My code is 378-525-879

    My profile is
  • acevice90
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    982-264-822 that's my ally code. I am playing this game for some time now so you can consider some pretty strong characters from me like gear 7 vader and dooku. also i will farm palpatine till next month so please send me a request and join my guild.... :)
  • 686-512-527

    G13 R7 Galactic Legends set
  • Ally Code: 333-249-186 I started recently could I get maybe a pretty op character?
    Also I really love your game keep up the good work!!

    R7 vader with all zetas work? 552934363 also have R5 DR
  • I have two accounts:

    653-479-149 (Supreme Leader Kylo Ren on Dark, General Anakin Skywalker on Light)

    869-177-118 (Darth Vader on Dark, Jedi Knight Anakin on Light)
  • NinjaRaven32
    Sure R7 vader with all zetas would work
    and R5 DR would work too
  • Ally Code 431-299-476

    New player looking for a little help
  • Lynchie
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    4 years vet.

    Just cleared my friend list of inactive players and have 10 spaces for any new players who need a hand.

    50 G13’s including Supreme leader kylo and Sith Eternal emperor


    Get a lot of ally requests so I’ll remove inactive ally’s for new requests if needed. If I decline your request it’s because my list is full and currently no ally’s with more than 24 hour inactivity, try again at a later date.
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  • Yodaman2
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    1mil experienced player here. I have a few spaces. Also, come join our guild: "Band Raki" :)
    Ally Code: 947-335-393

    Ally list is full- was flooded by invites. Best of luck!
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  • Looking for experienced and active players. Our ally code is 721-781-694 Alliance Rising. We have solid, loyal, base of core players looking to expand our ranks.
  • New player looking for some assistance. Ally code is 394-966-633. Thanks.
  • TheChild_eats_eggs1
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    Recently lvl 85. Would like any SEEs or JMLs if possible to try out. Ally code 648565123. Newer players welcome for a Gear10 Bastila Shan. If you want to have me as an ally, send me an in game messsage and WAIT for me to reply before requesting me. Thank you.

    Edit: Ally List now full. I kick players inactive for 2 or more days, so if I don't accept, I will put you on my list when spaces become free.
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    My discord - BabyYoda#4470 My -
  • I am looking for some more allies. Here is my code. Please and thank you. 758-924-835
  • Darkpete2020
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  • Started playing today, I'll accept anyone.
  • DarthGlovoc
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    Early/mid game player(couple zetas, relic 4 zzVader)
    Ally code: 686-561-148
    Feel free to message me and ask for advice, or ask me for a character to try.
    Full for now
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  • start/early game player (level 76)

    ally code: 829-559-553

    need level 85 good characters/allies to help with 3 starring battles
  • Player since last month i have good characters they may help you add me if u want boba fett or pls add me for help so close to count dooku and darth vader this is my locker if u want to check9zzuze9ptjla.jpg
  • My Ally code is 913-681-575, happy to help out any new(er) players that need a Level 85 JKR or DR for support!
  • German_CASH
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    My Ally code is 942-451-597 Have Relic 7 CLS.

    Will help out new active players. Currently full.
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  • Justice378
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    Ally code ***-***-***. Have GL Rey, SLKR, GAS, and both Revans. Message if you want someone specific to use that I have.

    Allies list is full. 50/50. Will repost ally code upon openings becoming available.
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  • 166-243-865. Been playing since the game started. Took a break during first deployment a few years ago and took awhile to get back into the swing of it. I feel like I’ve got a wall. I’ve been working to get palp to 7 for months and recently got him. Looking for advice/strategy help.
  • Ally code: 512-752-642

    Looking for allies to help grow my characters
  • This is my first time posting in these forums, I am a 1.7 mil GP player looking for new ally’s and guild members for a guild starting from scratch to build up and help new players send me an invite if you’re interested!

    Ally code: 616-955-234
  • 971-433-313 5.8 mil gp, R7 Rey (no ultimate), R7 Darth Revan, some other fun stuff
  • DadimusRex
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    Didn't see a December post for ally codes. Feel free to add me 351-664-829

    Update 12/15 - My ally list is full.
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  • Hi all

    I’m an old new player
    2,7 million power rating

    Looking for a guild
    My code is 589333557

    Thank you all
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