Ally Code Sharing [October/November 2020]


  • MisterSinister
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    New account looking for powerful players to help me in this game. My ally code is: 955-593-379
  • Zolaz
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    Filled up the 14 open slots I had. I apologize if your ally request was not accepted but there were only so many positions.
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  • My Ally Code is 937-832-473 now I have no idea how to use someone else’s code but I hope I can help someone out there
  • tRIcKxAM
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    No Ally-Slots free at the moment!
    I regularly remove inactive players, and will keep this post updated!

    Galactic Power: 5.5M
    Light Side: GAS R7
    Dark Side: SLKR R7

    Ally code is ***-***-***

    Only accept requests under level 85!
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  • Alt account: 768169135

    Any toons helpful for LS/DS other than Mon Mothma
    My discord - BabyYoda#4470 My -
  • Noush
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  • New account only just hit level 50
    Need help to 3 star hard battles etc

    add me 665-963-953

    Appreciate it.
  • New account.

    Please add to help me through the hard battles!


    Thank you.
  • Relativly new player with Lvl 59.
    Looking for some strong Allies.

  • New-ish player, lvl 54

    Just want to 3-star 5-B dark side/and or join a guild

  • Could really use some ally support. Brand new to the game. 271-417-656
  • New player looking for strong allies to do some hard nodes and help with mod battles.
    Ally code: 599-461-131
  • Armando
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    Hello, havent played in a few years, 3 kids later im back!!! Lvl 72 ready to do some damage, please add me i promise i will be a valuable asset in the upcoming future, may the force be with you all.
    My code is #821-287-522
  • Hello everyone,

    Alittle behind the star wars curve but here’s my code feel free to add me 798-126-733
  • 746-127-456

    New Player. Could use some help from more experienced players.
  • Hello there my friends, Im currently looking for some allies to help me on Darkside, Lightside and Mod battles, I currently have a decent phoenix team and just got my first Legendary Character in Emperor Palpatine. Im having trouble getting past tier 4 of the thrawn challenge and need to grind some mods and shards. I would be soooo very thankful for some help! My ally code is 391-628-112. Thank you, May the force be with you!
  • 191-884-544

    Have Relic 7 JKL on light side. Relic 3 Vader on darkside. If I ever remember to actually run a challenge instead of just sim them all, I'll switch out the G12 Wedge who's currently leading there (although he'll still get the job done in challenges). Not sure what lead I've got on mod battles, may have to adjust that lol. Several ally spots open if it's helpful to any newbies.
  • Hello my fellow Star Wars fans. I'am a new player and my ally code is 339-565-819. If there is someone willing to give me an helping hand for a kickstarter would be nice.

  • Hey folks! Alt account looking for some allies to add me for some extra help in the game :)

    My ally code is: 682-476-691.

    Muchly appreciated!
  • 7dkxb95t7w2y.jpg

    Lvl 73 just got back into playing after a 3 year hiatus , please add me and help me get back on track, Im grinding and leveling up as quick as possible,
    My ally code is 821-287-522
    "You're fulfilling your destiny anakin"

  • Hi, new player started Thursday and hooked, up to level 37 and any players prepared to help, would be hugely appreciated.
    Do not understand guilds yet and haven’t unlocked galactic war or fleets but love it
    My code is 268-745-697 and it would be appreciated
  • New player in need of help of veteran players. Lvl 65 just got first 3 legendarys. Active daily for last month and a half. Feel free to add. Ally code: 265-449-276
  • relics available for help ... 7 slots left ... first come first serve -
    754 253 556
  • New player here about level 42 or so at time of posting. My ally code is 589-238-829 and im struggling lol
  • Lvl 18 looking for allies with fast AoE leads! Ally code 351-753-942
  • New player here looking for strong allies to help me become stronger! Ally code is 797-353-536. thanks!
  • New player looking for some allies. My ally code is 791-287-388. Thanks :)
  • Add me please, trying to fly through levels 🙏😉 281-258-836.
  • Lvl 52 looking for strong allies to get through some levels. My ally code is 248-835-746.
  • wilecoyotegenius
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    Feel feel to add looking to help out new players, r7 sith eternal palp
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