Ally Code Sharing [October/November 2020]



  • I am at 3.4 million GP with a pretty strong roster, willing to help new players if they need it.

    Ally Code: 671677772
  • I am a new player looking to learn and grow as quickly as possible. If you’d like to be allies please send me an invite: 476-689-983
  • Hi I’m relatively new 5.6k Gpower looking for allies. My code is: 267-317-442 Add me up Thank you
  • 284-314-494
    Feel feel to add looking to help out new players, r7 sith eternal palp
  • new player, feel free to add me 961-257-938
  • Hi all, I just hit level 83 and could use some strong allies to help clear stage 8 of cantina in order to start farming GBA. If you've got relic'd characters and wouldn't mind helping, my ally code is 947-391-119. I'll be checking throughout the day so if you only want to add me for 1 day and remove tomorrow that is perfectly fine :)
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