Damage depended on Guild GP?

I’ve just joined a new, much stronger guild and I’ve immediately noticed that my damage in heroic raids has greatly reduced.

As an example, Rex’s Aerial Assault used to deal c300,000 damage on first use. In my new guild, it’s down to 75,000. I haven’t changed gear at all.

My question is, does your guild’s power/size etc impact how much damage you do in raids? If not, any other ideas for the difference?


  • StarSon
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    No, guild GP has no bearing on any battle mechanics. Rex's Aerial Advantage in particular is charged by the number of turns taken by a 501st Clone ally.
  • Are they doing a differnebt tier? Heroic tier has less health than tier 6 and aerial assault damage is based on % of raid bosses health
  • Both heroic tiers, but the damage just seems to be way down
  • crzydroid
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    It's probably RNG from a one-time sample if you were doing Heroic both times. Rex's ability is entirely dependent on how many turns clones have taken. Also, was it on the same phase? Different bosses have different max health.
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