The Republic - Corellia - 270m Gp

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The Republic - Corellia 270m GP

Thank you for your attention.

Guild reset 5:30pm CT
Raids 7pm CT

600 tickets required

*FULL TB PARTICIPATION IS A MUST - We are asking you to read your discord platoon assignments, Attempt your CMs, SMs, and deployments in ships and troops.

TW is optional signup - If you do sign up we ask for you to participate in defense and offensive phases.
SWGOH.GG profile and discord are both required

Corellia is looking for active players. Total GP is of no interest, however we do ask for relic Clones with either Shaak-Ti or GAS.

15* LSTB 2 Kam
29* DSTB 37 Wat

Our Discord is:
...... ......

If responding via Discord link as tell them your looking to join Corellia and link your
Or message me in Discord directly : @Phodor Firefight (Corellia GL)#9394

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