Am I missing something or a bug?

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This happened in my second round of GC too but here in the picture you can see in round three that I clearly lost this battle the first time The battle actually went long enough for my opponent to have all of his reinforcements out except 1. As you hopefully see that he gets his reinforcements back...with turnmeter gain....and fresh full health reinforcements. I do not know. I am a bit frustrated but maybe I am failing to see a mechanic of the game that is playing out or is this some silly glitch. Has anyone else come in contact with this?


  • If you lose a fleet battle in GAC or TW the fleet will reset to a 3 ship starting line for the next battle, substituting reinforcements (if available) for any of the original 3 which were defeated.
  • Waqui
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    This is what happens if you don't kill a single ship - neither any of the starting three nor any reinforcement. You need to kill your enemy's ships - not just make them bring in reinforcements.
  • Spiffymatt117
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    Ok...I didnt realize that...thx guys for the clarification🙂👍
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