Hey just started playing this game an love it thinking of buying hyperdrive but I’m wondering if there’s plan to support this game much further into the future don’t really want to drop $160 for a bundle an then have the game disappear


  • Kyno
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    They just implemented a huge background update on the game moving towards newer versions of unity. They have also done a lot of server upgrades and stuff like that to support these changes.

    It's your choice but this game is not going anywhere for years to come at this point.
  • Hey thanks man good to know screw it it’s my birthday I’m buying it haha thanks
  • The future of this game actually looks fairly good recently. Especially with the upcoming changes to farming.
  • Pretty stocked about the farming updates looks awesome ended up buying it just need to find a good guild now
  • Look on the guild recruiting forum. You can put up a advert for yourself or find a guild from their add.
  • Thanks darth I will do
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