What are you guys doing for successful GW stratagies?


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    You have few options. First use a retreat strategy - when an opponent toon use taunt u should retreat. If your opponent cast ben's spell - retreat.
    Second - It is good to have 2 or even 3 squads
    Third - If you don't like the battle's end, just close the app and rejoin.
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    If you retreat you can use those characters again?
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    Yeah.....found out just recently my self...
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    Once they die your SOL
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    If your guys are in trouble you can sub in healers to help. Try different combinations to see what works best for you.

    As has been posted, you can retreat and restart the fight from where you left off. All buffs and debuffs are cleared when you do this.
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    allways have an healer avaliable or else ur fu@ked no matter your dps or tankyness
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    Assuming you don't get wrecked by RNG for generating opponents, your best strategy for every fight is to target out their fastest characters. This way, after you retreat and sub in characters you will get to go first and hopefully get a few extra turns of damage in. Chewie is really bad for GW because he's so slow that by the time he can taunt the enemy has already done a lot of damage to other important characters
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    Another thing retreating does is eat cooldowns; your enemies remember their CDs between battles just like your squad does. So if you get stunned by Dooku or affected by a Chewie taunt, you can retreat out and when you restart, not only are the debuffs cleared, but those abilities won't be ready for use right away either. Win/win! You can put out a team of level 1 heroes to bait out particularly nasty abilities if you want.
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