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Thanks for the reminder about how broken these ship battles are. Nothing warms my heart more than watching two R5 bugs get a annihilated before my first move alongside my untouched and newly promoted 7* hyena bomber. It’s so great to see there’s nothing I can do, that all strategy is irrelevant, and that farming new ships for months has zero value. Most fun ever.


  • I suggest that if you’re running Malevolence, don’t use that starting line. Start with Sun Fac, Hyena, and Vulture.
  • The AI is working appropriately by taking out your offensive ships first, which is what a human player would do. Of course it’s not going to attack Hyena, Hyena does considerably less damage than 2 Geo ships that assist one another.

    Vulture is a keystone to the Malevolence fleet. Get that thing going ASAP.

    (For the record, my pilot are r5 or less.)
  • Oh, this got moved to the TB thread.

    In that case, use HT under the Thrawn In the Chimera battle. Don’t bother with Geo ships in that one. The enemy ships can’t punch through its protection regen. Use Thrawn’s ultimate and heal HT whenever possible.

    The Executrix battle, I did the same line up today. Worked for me.
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