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If running multiple Sith, who's leadership provides the greatest return and/or synergy? I guess for argument sake, let's say Sid, Maul, Vader, Dooku, Oppress (think that's all of them). I'm not very high end, crack the top 100 every other week or so, but it seems like the burst output fits the meta better than surviving, but maybe it's different at higher levels, or my personal sample size is simply too low. Would appreciate some feedback!


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  • -feedback-

    Well played kind shrew.
  • Time
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    I'd probably go for dooku. Evasion gives sid/maul a chance to not die first round, and if they evade they get offense up which is nice since they both have strong aoes.
  • I would go for nothing but Darth Vader as your leader.
  • SlyGambit wrote: »
    Eh. I run Sid. Big crits all day, erry day.

    Made me lol.
  • Im curious too. I never noticed a difference when I used maul for evasion but I see a lot of ppl who like dooku or luminara for the evade. And then theres the whole evade vs savage's defence buff. So im def interested in hearing what others have to say.
  • I'm still waiting for Vader but I currently use Sidius. Most of them have a high crit chance already so this just helps. I considered Maul at one time and I may still try that later. I will also consider Vader whenever I unlock him...61/80.
  • Whiskey
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    I've tried dooku for about 15 games now and it's been awful. I've had ONE dodge. And I'm running lum who normally has her own dodge bonus up. That one time it worked it won the game for me, but I think the crit from sid is more reliable. I just unlocked Vader today, huzzah, but since it's empire limited not sure how it'll shake out.
  • J7000
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    If I use Lumni as lead I def see evade proc. Obi Wan's is way better on paper because the full buff apllies to all allies and grants a nice turn meter boost, however I just don't see it proc enough. Moral of the story is that not everything in this game works as described. I would experiment
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