2 spots 265M GP independent guild WAT/KAM shards

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TheWretchedHive of villianry
~265M GP

We’re currently at 48/50

Guild Requirements:
- Participation in all guild events

Guild Information:
Guild reset is 20:30 EST

-29* DSGeo w/~35 Wat shards per TB and growing, up to 5 KAM shards.
-15* LS Geo
-Auto Pit and Tank
-Raids launch 3:30pm EST

We are laid back, no drama! Discord is a must!!!
If you have any questions please message and feel free to ask whatever you want – we believe in community and having fun. Look forward to hearing from you.

Roster GP isn't necessarily determining factor, ability to contribute to Geo TB is. Along with several legendary toon squads. ~3.5 mil and up is desirable.

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