Returning player, Need direction

Hello everyone,

I use to play all the time but stopped around 2017. I’m a LVL 85 player with a few characters. Just have been out of the meta for so long idk the best way to get competitive. Is there anyway anyone can look at my squad and offer some advice?

I am currently farming the Phoenix squad. Thanks for any help!


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    Here is some information if that helps.
  • First thing to do is get in a guild right away.

    Get yourself up to 600 raid tickets per day (1 pt of Cantina or regular energy will get you one raid ticket). You can get 540 tickets per day with your regularly accrued energy + your free energy available to claim 3x per day (noon-2pm, 6pm-8pm, & 9pm-11pm based on the time zone you've chosen as your home TZ). That means you're going to have to spend 50 crystals/day (or more, if you can't always claim all your free energy) to max out the raid tickets you're earning.

    If you can get 600 tickets per day (and you should be able to do so easily, you'll earn more than 50 crystals per day on average) or just close to that, and if you've decided you really do want to play every day (which can just mean on the bus/ train/ subway, a few minutes at lunch, and 15-30 minutes in the evening), then there are guilds that will want you.

    In return, you can (and should) ask for a guild that completes the heroic tier of every raid. Even if you don't perform well in those raids, guilds with a mere 100M gp can complete them fairly easily if the heavy hitters in the guild have the right teams, so you won't hurt the chances of completion and you WILL contribute to being able to raid more often since the guild will be earning more tickets with you than without you.

    A guild consistently & frequently completing those raids will in turn supply you with much of the gear that you need, since right now you're just focussed on getting toons up to g11 or so, and the gear necessary to do that is found mainly in raid rewards + the Guild Shipments store, an Guild Shipment Tokens are, you guessed it, another form of raid reward.

    Completing all the raids at their highest tier is a reasonable request in exchange for 600 tickets per day, but it's not all you should look for in a guild. You want a guild with enough active players that the total ticket production is better than 24,000 per day (this equals 40 members getting their 600 every single day or 48-50 members getting 500+ tickets per day). Maximum tickets = 50 members x 600 tickets = 30,000 tickets, but that's an unreasonable ask for a lower-gp guild (heck any guild, even the most competitive, are going to drop a few tickets here & there).

    You also want a guild that spends time mentoring each other in chat or (and this is better) a messaging app like discord or Line. It's better to have someone who knows your situation and keeps up with how your roster is changing over time than to drop into the forums a few times a year to ask, "What's next?" --- Which isn't to say you can't drop in here or that people won't be helpful, we just can't be as helpful as someone who knows you and what you've been working on. The best mentors will help you set good goals by helping you think through your own priorities, not just tell you how to reach a goal that they select for you.

    Finally, you want a guild that feels friendly, that feels like a place you can have fun. Make no mistake, there are long term goals to strive for in this game & it can take years to be able to do what you would like to do. Even immediate goals can take months, depending on the goal. If the game isn't fun, it's going to quickly feel like work, and you'll just quit again.

    And you should, if it feels like work. This is a game. The whole point of any game is fun, and if this one isn't producing fun for you, you shouldn't play. If you need more work, just get another job because SWGOH isn't going to pay you anything to push buttons.

    I'll stop here for now, though I'll drop by later with a link to another player's question where I talked about how to go about writing an ad to help you find a guild. I might even drop some advice on how to work on your particular roster, but the truth is that you'll get plenty of that.

    When all that advice comes in, some of it will inevitably be conflicting. Some people think you should focus on ships first. Others on your squad arena team. Others will think you should be patient on those. Still others will tell you to scrap your account and start over. Certainly different people will have different opinions on which characters you should be farming RIGHT NOW. Most are great folks, but some can even get shouty with their opinions.

    The best advice I can give when comparing all these different opinions (mostly good, informed, & well-intentioned opinions) is that they're going to focus on how to efficiently gain power in the game, but they won't be able to tell you what is fun for you. When comparing multiple different possible pathways to develop your roster, all of them with good reasons to recommend them, always choose the one that seems to you like it will be the most fun. Whether that's because you like the characters in the movies or because you read the character abilities in the game & think they'll be fun to use, whatever. Only you know what makes the game fun for you. When you're lost as to which of several good paths to choose, stop for a minute & ask yourself, "What sounds like fun," then do that.

    Best of luck.
  • @MasterSeedy really appreciate the thorough response! Definitely would love to read your link about how to create an add for a guild.
  • MasterSeedy
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    Found it. In a couple places I forgot that Raid Han is a 5-star unlock. It doesn't change the total number of shards needed for the character of course, but it does mean that my original "3 weeks to unlock" statement was wrong - it's more like 5.

    Also, have you read through the other requests for help from new players/ returning players? Most of the same issues (farming Phoenix vs. farming Geonosians, whether to prioritize Fleet first since it's easier to reach the top & then earn crystals that you can plow back into roster improvements, how soon should you try for long-quest characters like General Anakin Skywalker, etc.) are discussed there in ways that could be helpful to yo uni setting goals.

    Those discussions won't be informed by your particular situation with respect to which toons you have unlocked & geared or what have you, but the general principles still hold & you can learn a lot from those other threads.

  • Hello everyone,

    I use to play all the time but stopped around 2017. I’m a LVL 85 player with a few characters. Just have been out of the meta for so long idk the best way to get competitive. Is there anyway anyone can look at my squad and offer some advice?

    I am currently farming the Phoenix squad. Thanks for any help!

    I agree with master seedy about the importance of finding a good guild. But he has that covered so I'll skip that part.

    As for the best team to go for long term, I think your work on Phoenix is good since thrawn is great. Ep, thrawn,vader, dark Bastilla and another sith/empire is a great team to work on right now.

    If you missed the revan/darth revan meta then I would at the least try for Darth revan and probably malak eventually.

    Here's my reasoning. That gets you probably the easiest to farm GL counter.

    Rey - vader, thrawn, wat, darth revan, dark Bastilla
    Kylo - thrawn, vader, wat, raid han (if you need to stun a fast hux), and a pretaunting tank (kru, shore, or brood alpha)
    Jml - Darth Revan, dark Bastilla, hk, malak, wat

    So you can counter 3 GLs with about 9 characters. Yes, one is an epic journey so that takes time.

    Also by using ep lead in the mean time, you can be set up for GL palps with less effort than if you go geos other popular paths.
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