Is the GAC ban-bug still a thing?

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I’m against an opponent named Moogle who had a decent defense and a really good JKR team that I could not get around. So I thought it’d be funny to get up to 69 attempts to lighten my mood. I get about halfway through and accidentally put Wat Tambor because I was on auto pilot while watching the Mandalorian. I completely forget about the Wat Tambor/C3P0/H-Yoda bug with non-combatants fleeing immediately resulting in a ban of that person. I really hope it’s not a thing anymore because I can’t help this feeling of dread that I got someone banned. Is there any way we would know?

Here is Moogle’s info. If anyone from his guild would let him know or even if Moogle sees this I just wanna say I’m really sorry. I really don’t want him to be banned.

I don’t know if this post belongs here but I just made an account because I wanted to get it out there that this was not malicious at all.
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    It was never a thing. It was a rumor started by players trying to get their opponents to not attack.

    There has never been a system in place to auto ban a player. Only to flag for investigation by a person.
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