Memories and Favorite Moments - SWGoH is Nearing Five Years


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    Probably the advent of guilds. Hard to believe the game didn't have them! Our guild still has a handful of original players that joined aa their first guild. Met a lot of people and some interesting characters that have passed through.
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  • kalidor wrote: »
    Probably the advent of guilds. Hard to believe the game didn't have them! Our guild still has a handful of original players that joined aa their first guild. Met a lot of people and some interesting characters that have passed through.

    My coworker introduced me to the game and then to his guild a few weeks later. He's since quit but I stayed in the guild. After the Sith raid decimated our numbers and folk left for bigger guilds I was invited to the officer rank. That is what's kept me playing, the guild that we built.
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    Fav memory.... soloing the rancor.

    Man those were the days
  • Theorycrafting a rancor solo team shortly after Vader's zeta lead was fixed - this is from ~10 days post-nerf and took most of an hour to do on manual. I don't think anyone else used this particular squad, especially since CLS came out a few months later.

    Aside from that, cracking the C-3PO puzzle solo was my favorite out-of-game accomplishment - I was going to be traveling early the next morning, so I had a hard limit on how long I could take to do it, and I managed to do it.
  • One of my favorite memories: Unlocking Chewie at 5* when he dropped. He was the first legendary I ever unlocked on their debut. I was f2p and working my bounty hunters hard bc they're fun to play. My guild was mocking me for it, actually, before the Chewie event dropped. The whales had to shell out alot to get their 5* Chewie bc their bounties were g8 or less but I got mine without any trouble. I felt pretty good that day. (I ended up leaving that guild bc of their lack of interest in Sith raid, actually. I wanted Traya and they called her a toon for whales)

    Alot of my favorite moments though are guild/autonomous collective moments. You meet alot of interesting ppl in this game. There's the time one guy's SLK with ult racked up 50 defends in TW, the first time we wiped the TW board completely, the time my buddy Thrawny made me sit and watch the Star Wars Holiday Special and we all mocked it the entire way through.....and I also enjoy helping ppl with events like Malak, Gen Sky, JKL whether it's mod advice or just sharing motivational gifs of encouragement.

    You come for the Star Wars but I think you stay for the people in SWGOH.
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    You come for the Star Wars but I think you stay for the people in SWGOH.

    Well said. But I am also hanging on to hope that Lando + Rebels can come back to Arena meta.

    Ships was also, personally, the most epic addition.
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  • For me, the highlight has been our day one guild that has gradually grown over the years.

    They are an awesome bunch of Star Wars fans and the virtual high fives when we complete another accomplishment (Rancor, HAAT, HSTR etc) is always worth the effort.
  • Back when the meta was meta even on D, I could leave my expensive Nightsisters in first place, come back at payout and still be between 1st and 3rd place...

    @cg_carrie I thought she was awesome and did a good job running the game.
  • I've always been behind due to a 8ish month gap of not playing combined with not chasing metas, but my favorite moments have been the heroes journeys and legendaries. Barely getting 7* Thrawn thanks to RNG, CLS, JTR, JKR, and most recently 7* Chewbacca. They've taken forever thanks to minimal refreshes (not much crystal income) so each one has been really rewarding, despite not using them much after earning them.
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    I think my favorite moment is still to come. 519 more squad arena wins and I get 5 Vader shards for the 10k achievement. VERY NICE.
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  • Gifafi
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    Figuring how to mod jolee and taking 1st in arena for the first time

    Getting the ani/ns team to work in p3 hsth


    Playable Jabba (this is from future me)
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • Watching an AhnaldT101 GAC video where he had a complete meltdown for 5 minutes.

    In game moment for me was 3 starring every node.

    Enjoy the legendary events like 3po and Chewie and would love to see more along those lines. Would be nice to not have every new event require higher and higher gear/relic levels
  • For me it was the release of the rancor raid and guild mechanics

    It was such a great addition back then that really got my interest in joining the journey of swgoh
  • Still my favourite event to play is the Wicket event, killing the AT-ST is till fun.
    A quality event.
    But my stand out memory is unlocking 7* Chewbacca.
    It took almost 3 days, Boba (L) Dengar, 88, Cad and Greedo, the others had just been released.
    So much frustration with that cut scene, over and over, but finally watching R2 tumble to multiple Dengar bombs was so satisfying.
    A very happy moment.
  • When CG gave Jawas an in-game use versus Geos.

    Very rarely, perhaps on that only occasion, has CG turned a garbage team that many players have into a slightly useful 1.
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    Getting Thrawn and R2D2 to seven syars within 10 minutes due to giving Ezra g9, and having all of that pop-up in guild chat without any interruptions. Getting my first character farmboy luke to seven stars
  • Putting Malak in the red with 5mn on the clock then failing miserably.

    Unlocking him a couple of months afterwards and feeling like i won the World cup.
  • It's gotta be the first time my old guild got through haat. Had an old guild mate and his wife in there and he was the top dog power wise. We got the play by play from her in the chat with how he was doing. What a nail biter!
  • I love this thread, good positivity as we approach year end. (Of course this means I expect some focusing on 'what was the biggest disappointment for you' at some point, done in a constructive way.)

    I've been very fortunate to have not one but two significant turning points in my time playing SWGoH, which not only kept me in the game but have also made every single day since then more fun than frustrating.

    The first is when I joined my squad arena shard mates on Discord back in 2018. I was still new to the game and I didn't realize that people had different payout hours, and I was hitting people randomly for fun and in an attempt to stay relatively high in the top 50. I was still using NS amidst a sea of Phoenix and the occasional Lando team (which made me want to gear up Lando ever since, what a powerhouse at the time), and as I was transitioning to Bastila (who had just been released) I was hitting top 20 and definitely upsetting people's payouts for no good reason, unbeknownst to me.

    When I got that Discord invite, I took my first few steps into a larger world, almost literally. That was my first time using Discord and my first time engaging with the SWGoH community outside the game. I had no idea such things existed, I didn't even know what Discord was before then! Our shard community at the time was extremely friendly and welcoming, and it inspired me to do what I could to build on that. I subsequently recruited 90% of our top 50, eventually took over the server and, with the help of everyone, reshaped it into a community of friends (mostly...) who theorycrafted fundamental game mechanics, researched bleeding edge releases and counters, and even just bantered about anything Star Wars and beyond. We became so 'quietly famous' that people were inviting their friends from other shards just to chat!

    General banter (but not shard activity!) has dwindled since the advent of the GLs and the pandemic (not sure if either is the cause, just stating a correlation in timing), but I still count myself lucky to have found a bunch of people who love Star Wars and this game, and who enjoy spending time together (albeit virtually) on those things. If not for them, I would have quit the game in 2018, despite being among the first in our shard to unlock JKR, 3P0, etc.

    The second turning point for me was at the end of 2018, when my guild merged with another guild and reshaped ourselves into the guild we are today. First, some backstory about us before Dec 2018.
    My guild was the first and only guild I had ever been in, I had joined it randomly after leaving the default starter guild the game puts you in. The people were welcoming and kind, but there were only about 15 active people and of those only about 5 who regularly communicated. After becoming an officer I did my best to create some rules for activity and raids, and spin up recruiting, but I was on the verge of leaving as I kept getting offers from 200M+ guilds due to my roster (aforementioned JKR, etc.). At the same time, my squad shard community was really taking off, and we were even talking about creating our own guild at one point. (Many of them ended up joining the same 250M+ guild at one point.)

    Then, in Nov 2018, another like minded guild reached out to me about joining us (via my Discord recruiting ads), history was made, and we would forever be changed. After taking over as guild leader and building a joint team of officers (some of the finest people I have ever worked with, let alone play a game together), we codified our culture overnight, with clearly defined rules for activity and communication while still maintaining our laid back family culture (real life first, no micromanagement of rosters, battles, activity, etc.).

    Within a few days of merging, we rebranded ourselves and began our new community on Discord. Within 1 month, we had gone from never having done heroic raids, to farming heroic Rancor and HAAT. We had gone from 12 stars in Hoth TB, to 18+ and rising every subsequent time. We had gone from never having even seen TW, to winning our first attempt, and our second, and almost every one since then. Within 10 months, we attempted HSTR for the first time, failed, went back quickly with some help from my extremely helpful squad arena shard, won, learned, and we have been farming it by ourselves ever since then. (Roughly 2 week turnaround from our first failed attempt.) We have also been in Geo TB since then, again making progress far faster than we expected and hitting more stars than guilds our size (according to leaderboards in game and on

    Every day since then has been a joy to play, not because of the game so much (as both guild and shard together have branched out with me into different games, like SWTOR, DSA, etc.), but because I am fortunate to be interacting daily with gamers who have become family.

    Thanks for reading
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    WiseJedi wrote: »
    First Highlight was my first real guild and I'm there since I started to play this mobile game. My guild members become real friends and we stay in contact. And so the community's something special. Star Wars connects the players around the world.
    Most highlights were our milestones like being successful in our raids. First HAAT, first HSR and personal milestones like developing my roster.
    Thanks dear devs for this great game. Keep up the good work. May the force be with you.
    For you all guys stay safe

    Guys, this post needs to be shared as much as possible for I believe it to capture the essence of my experience- and what I think everyone else should be experiencing at some point.

    Fantastic to read, hoping that this attitude and spirit sticks with many- especially to those whom find themselves separating us as we load this game to read "real", "personal" or "family" reasons have intervened...

    Just saying...
    Great to read, just great .
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  • Using Ackbar lead, CLS, BB8, Hermit Yoda and General Kenobi on arena and watching CLS going like crazy. Also CLS event was epic.
  • Toobacca wrote: »
    Using Ackbar lead, CLS, BB8, Hermit Yoda and General Kenobi on arena and watching CLS going like crazy. Also CLS event was epic.

    That was a cool event. Actually spent some money to finish off Old Ben to unlock him. The fun then was worth it.
  • My fav was when Anakin got a rework and was OP for a week or 2. On Anakin's first turn, he would AOE and kill the newly released Darth Revan and friends LOL.
  • For me, as player who recently reached lvl 85, I found unlocking and trying out new parts of the game my favourite. (GW was the only thing I did when I unlocked it for 10 days straight).
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  • Being a/the guild officer to suggest/organize/run the guilds first attempt of the heroic sith raid. We beat it the first attempt and that’s was with things not going as planned. It was a pretty awesome experience. I was never a gamer, nor one to do things with other folks.... I guess you could say I liked to be ... solo. But being a part of a guild is a really cool and unique experience.
  • Back in 2016 it was the day my dad died and Galactic War was tough. After a really bad day (it was a Tuesday) completing 36 GW nodes for the guild activities was very therapeutic.
  • Hands down the guildies keep me around.

    I also really miss the super challenging puzzles. I'm much too dense to contribute but I remember one of the puzzles going for like a full 24 hours, Jedi Revan maybe? I enjoyed bouncing back and forth from the forums and discord, following the progress.
  • Mace Windu TW bonus! My g11 Mace soloing a 110k gp sith team!
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