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Hey guys hope everyone is ok :)
My question is which toon to replace Mace Windu he is at lvl78, he is also on my main team and also who to replace Luminara also lvl 78 and on my main team.
My team is used in campaign light side battles, arena, cantina battles and so on
Why i want to replace them is due to damage they do not that much damage anymore and i am at the last ”node” on light side and i need better toons simple as that.
So which toons to replace rhese two i do not have general kenobi, yoda gm, general anakin etc
Any tips is greatly appreciated:)
I wish everyone a nice day and hope you all are safe :)


  • crzydroid
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    It would be helpful if you get a account and you can post a link to your roster.
  • Who is the leader of your squad?

    General suggestions would be to farm Geonosians in order to get Padmé or just go straight for Bastila & Jolee (if you're running a Jedi team as the mentions of Lumi & Mace suggest).

    But, yes. I also agree with crzydroid: Go to the website, follow the directions to create an account, then return here & post the URL of your profile page so that we can better see what you have right now. We'll be able to give much better advice if we know more about where you are currently in your farms.
  • Hey thanks for the anwers
    My team is lead by Vader 6* lvl81
    About that account i have tried several times but ican not get that sync to work at all, i do not know what i do wont but somehow it does not work.
    I i could how ever give my ally code if it helps? :)
    Is that what you need?
    I do not know if that is the correct link you need but i hope it is
    Have a great day/ evening
  • MasterSeedy
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    Yep! That's the link we need. I'll start looking at it in just a bit.

    ETA: did you buy the hyperdrive bundle?
  • doesnt look like he bought the hyper drive
  • No i don`t use real money in games i guess i should jave bougjt it?
  • No, you shouldn't have. I'm just trying to figure out how you got to where you're at.
  • Ok i see so have i gone wrong somewhere or have i done ok in my choised?
    But as i said i feel that i might need stronger toons tham Eindu and Luminara i just don’t know which two i should level up or try collect shards for, general Kenobi genral Anakin, Jedi Luke and so forth are oit of my reach for now, so what do you suggest i should do to get better characters or which i should start upgrading?
    Again thx for any help it is much appreciated
  • What i would recommend is first get a synergized team. Vader with jedi does not make any sense at all. Either focus on jedi or focus on empire (i recommend empire).Vader,tarkin, tie pilot with two empire characters of your choice will suffice. What i would also recommend is get your phoenix up so that you can unlock thrawn and palpatine who will replace the two filler empire characters.
    I'll get my first Gl...after 50 years
  • Does any kind of Empire trooper, Officer be ok?
    And after that get Phoenix leveled up?
    Should i also stop collecting clone troopets and count dooku?
    Thx for the info so synergy is about having a team of same faction ie.
    All Jedi,Sith etc?
  • DarthGlovoc
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    1. Yes, pretty much anyone will work because you are planning on replacing them very soon
    2. Yes, farm phoenix even on the side while focusing on empire
    3. A. If you are referring to clone sergent definitely stop. At least for now because his ship is only marginally useful I have ditched it for now.
    3. B. Dooku is a very op character in the beginning and will help greatly in arena. For a really long time I would refresh until I found a team without him because the counters and stuns shut all of my teams down. He will help with arena rank at least and will synergize well when you get palpatine.
    4. Look at the leadership ability of the characters that you are using (not all have one) and see what that says, but yes staying with one faction is best for teams with a few exceptions for endgame players.
    I hope this makes sense and helps.
  • Ok thx alot :smiley:
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