TW Matchmaking: New level of stupidity

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Hi Everyone,

We all know that the matchmaking in TW/GAC is not perfect.

However, we have reach a new level of non-sense for this TW.

My Guild ALLIANCE REBELLE QUEBEC will be facing II ANZGC II(Cubsfanhan and Hynesy).

Here are the stat
Alliance Rebelle Quebec Total GP: 260M
II ANZGC II Total GP: 335M
** 75M GP difference which represent 1.5M difference per player on average.

However, here is the worst part

My Alliance AVG GP per player is 5.2M GP and the player with the lowest GP in II ANZGC II guild is CubsfanHan with 5.7M GP.

Which means that their lowest GP Player total GP is higher than our AVG GP.

How in the world can we compete??? Come on CG you can easily implement a maximum GP difference....

I will avoid telling you guys the number of GL legend in each guild lol


  • Kyno
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    Are you sure you are looking at the correct guild?

    This came up last TW, they have multiple guilds with similar names and different variations on "I", "i","l", and possibly other symbols.

    You can see here that there are a bunch listed on
  • Are you sure you have the correct ANZGC guild ? There is several with the same name but they use capital i or l for the ll part which shows up same ingame I believe.

    Could be this one that is 270m GP which is close to your guilds GP (would make more sense)
  • Your sure you’re looking at the right ANZGC guild? There are at least three that all have a name that looks the same in game.

  • Has anyone suggested that it could be a different guild with a similar name?
  • Kyno
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    kello_511 wrote: »
    Has anyone suggested that it could be a different guild with a similar name?

    You might be on to something.
  • Wimma
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    Out of interest how many did you have sign up? That seems the biggest issue.
    I won't say guilds deliberately go in short (and we get 43-48 depending who remembers to sign up or isn't away), but that seems to destroy the match ups: when one team has 47 vs 40, like our current match, meaning we've ~30M less guild GP. We'll get slaughtered, no chance.
    Last 3 have been bad for us, with opponent having only 40-42 sign up vs our 45-47.
    Not fun with 6 v 26 GLs like last TW, no chance.
  • MetaThumper
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    I'll just leave this on the table of stuff to get to. 2 complete walls of Rey I might add. 19 spots per territory so iirc they had 38 join up.4w613bdillh1.jpeg
  • Great summary - how did you get that? Great for a comparison.
    That looks pretty rough. We've had 3 bad ones in a row now, so considering what to do in future (don't bother with defence or offence maybe, or set everything on defence to give them a challenge etc).
    Must say I'm waiting for all the 'match making is fine, you just need to work on your counters' posts!?
  • I think the community is largely in agreement that TW matchmaking needs to be addressed.

    They’re not necessarily agreed on how to go about it, however.
  • 21/11/2020 TW

    They join 43 or 44 ( deliberately to have easy TW vs low level guild? Who knows) We 48.

    Guild vs guild:


    Opponent have more than 1000 G13 than us, 6000+ relic levels and much more GL. Maybe because they join 4 less than us only have 500+ g13 and 3000+ relic levels.

    As a protest against this very unfair matchmarking that it is happening in the last 3 TW and because the possibilities to win are 0%, we have decided to put only one only very bad team per player in defense:
    - All in attack to have some fun vs his GL and top teams
    - Opponent will not have fun, no top teams to win, no GL to beat, no fights means no fun.

    If all guilds with very unfair matchmarking like this one does the same... maybe CG will do something to fix it.
  • Worst.....Idea.....Ever
  • Yeah, fresh off another stupid match up here too.
    People in the guild getting pretty over TW - only 19 slots per zone for us to face.
    Their guild: 5.5M GP avg. Ours 4.8M. Ridiculous.
    Why bother.
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