Don’t even bother

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New Heroes of Denmark has 1 spot left. 212m GP guild. Honestly we probably don’t want you so don’t bother applying.

Where are we located? Kind of a personal question if you ask me, but we are located on your mobile device.

We win 95% of our TW’s and you would probably just ruin the chemistry.

TB we get a ton of stars in GEO but we won’t tell you how many. We get those character shards that everyone wants but we don’t really feel like sharing them.

Discord is not mandatory mainly because the ones that use it are extremely funny and it’s hard to live up to.

Raids? Well who cares. I mean if you are concerned on when we do our heroic raids then you have bigger fish to fry.

You can message me:
Discord Zentigix#0922
Ingame: 553-167-282

But in all honestly i’ll probably ignore you.

Unless you are into hockey, then i’ll make fun of your team.
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