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I would like to know whats the point of farming the resistance toon except for the GL Rey ? They don't have any Assault Battle or any event ( I think ) and others team or characters can solo raids or atleast do the same damage as them.

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    Well they are an extremely solid team for PvE, but if you want to jump straight to GLRey then by all means...
  • The top team does great in HSTR part 1.
    The bottom team completely solos HAAT.28ll26mpqhsb.jpg
  • Just saying that top team would also solo HAAT. You just might need higher relics on Finn, or to manually control them. You can replace R2 with RH finn though and remove any and all issues. (may need to manually do P1, at most.)

    JTR's also a surprisingly good PvP team, particularly with the RH duo, and the RH duo is stupidly good in 3v3, even as a defense team.

    Before I unlocked GL Rey, I was taking R7 DR Malak teams fairly consistently with JTR/BB8/RH duo and then a 5th of between 3PO/RT/R2. Prior to getting the RH duo to 7*, JTR/BB8/RT/R2/3PO is also fairly consistent, but a lot more reliant on proper modding and turn orders.

    JTR/BB8/RT is still one of my single best low-man squads for GAC, and a very solid 3v3 team.

    They're also by far the cheapest HSTR P1 optimal team in the game. The only other teams that do as good are GAS and GLs. The next runner up is like JKR at 30-40%, but JTR can easily hit 60%+. (my record is 72%, but that was prior to the turn meter changes which have seemingly capped it at 60%ish because you can no longer go for yolo 3po mass assists when Nihilus is at 90% TM in hopes of BB8 or JTR winning the turn order coin flip with everyone at 100%)

    Raddus is also probably the 3rd best fleet in the game after Nego/Malev, and probably your best bet if you don't want to/can't get a GET2 capital ship. Unlike Finalizer, it actually holds on defense, and can beat Malev fleets surprisingly consistently if you R7/Zeta out the entire fleet, even without a 6/7* raddus. (Negotiator's a lot harder to just "zerg rush" with your starting lineup)
  • JTR is needed for both Rey and JML which means farming some of the Resistance. Oddly the best "resistance" team isn't full of resistance. JTR, CP30, Han, Chew and Resistance Trooper is hands down the best JTR team able to easily beat most teams including some GLs.
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