245 mil GP guild 28* DS Geo/14* LS Geo looking for 2 people!!!

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Actually he's just retiring, we didn't kill him :smile: currently he's sticking around to help us get raid tix and in LS Geo but once we have someone to replace him he'll leave.

49/50 Members
245M GP


6:30pm central time guild reset. Raids rotate btwn evening USA (central/eastern) and evening Europe. All raids on 24 hour join, pit is simmed. Tank and Sith are free-for-alls.

28 stars in DS Geo TB. 32 Wat Shards. Closing in on stars 29 and 30.
14 stars in LS Geo TB. 3 KAM Shards.


- 4.5 mil gp minimum (DS Geo focus preferable and ideally someone able to claim a Wat shard)
- 550 raid tickets/day
- Active Discord presence
- Participation in TB is mandatory, TW is optional.
- Advance notice of absences (when possible)

Our server is an autonomous collective with 6 other guilds so if you pop in ask for Luke, Inyak, Sammeth, or Vlad :grin:

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