Is nightsister spirit the most powerful ns character?

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So nightsisters in a nutshell. A zombie that cant be killed, a ghost that gains evasion all the time, 2 toons that only get stronger with every enemy/ally defeat and revival and a witch that inflicts plague and temporarily revives allies. While asajj gains offense for defeats (and revivals?) and daka gains health in the same fashion I think spirit is probably the best. The frequent evasion gain makes her the hardest of the squad to hit and she deals quite a good amount of damage at relic 2. In fact yesterday she was the only nightsister besides zombie who was still standing and at full protection and health even when sidious opened up on his aoe attack thanks to her evasion. She can stun and remove buffs with her special attack which is nice but for anyone who has her at relic 7 how good is she.


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    R7 > R6
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  • You are basically saying "I like her kit."
    It's a team. Each member has pro's and con's.
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    R7 > R6

    R8 > R7
  • She's the NS's other solid damage dealer, behind asajj. Spirit is sort of a Ventress-lite, being able to do many of the same tricks at a smaller scale (stun, dispell, evade, tm remove). I find her very useful in p2 ds geotb when asajj is unavailable due to the dooku mission.
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    As far as being the hardest hitting NS right out of the gate? Yes she is. Easily my 2nd favorite and consider her more of an attacker than AV personally. AV needs a little time to get going when Spirit can hit someone for 130k+ on her first move. I wouldn't have been able to beat DR+Malak without her. slvosamduzvq.png
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    She is OK. Her stuns can be problematic but she is mostly unnecessary in the team comp. Oddly Talia is often a better NS because NS lack the ability to cleanse themselves and Talia can really improve their survivability particularly in events. Talia comes with group cleanse, TM gain, heals and max health reduction.

    Even Acolyte can be better. Her stealth can really throw some teams into fits if they don't have AoE/expose and she can hit as hard as Spirit as she can quickly ramp up her CD to an extra 180% on her special and do nearly double damage on her basic when stealthed.
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    She is OK. Her stuns can be problematic but she is mostly unnecessary in the team comp.

    Unnecessary in the team comp..? Um. No
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