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How are we supposed to get feedback and raise issues - the Bug reports are ignored, or every answer is we see nothing wrong , and if we post here , it gets closed -

What is the feedback mechanism we are supposed to use?

Lock-ups for instance have become worse as seen by my guild inn TW and GAC - what are supposed to do about this ?
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  • I don’t know if there is anything more we can do outside of walking directly into CG’s offices and ask to speak to the manager. I myself have sent in a number of requests for bug fixes the most recent is in GAC. The game tells me that I don’t have a 7* cap ship and cannot use the final reinforcement slot but every one of my cap ships have been 7*’s for over a year. I got no response other than the standard “rest assured our top technicians are working on the problem”. I don’t know how a billion dollar game can have so many bugs.
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    Each time you experience a bug or issue, you should report it and discuss it at Answers HQ, either in a new post or by adding your details to an existing one. That is the best way to highlight an issue for the dev team.

    Your topic has been moved to the Bugs and Issues Archive. For better assistance and functionality, please report your bug over at Answers HQ.

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