Who to farm next f2p

Im a f2p player and I need a new focus for my farming as I got my padme finished and am working on starring up a few characters, Such as bossk JKA and HT. Wondering if I should go for c3po or start on a new legendary and maybe just some general tips and advice. I have been razor focused on Padme and gas is my long term goal so I am kind of in limbo right now. My swgoh.gg is https://swgoh.gg/u/freeahnald/


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    keep focused
    Maybe End Game isn't for you
  • I'd pause on GMY. Keep on JKA, Kenobi (raid ik), Clone wars Chewie (relic him and slow). Then slow farm Ewoks, BH, and fast-farm Phoenix for Thrawn and EP, get Vader and Elsa to 7*. R2, CLS, 3PO, Chewie, rHan, Chewpio
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  • Ewoks =
    • Chirpa
    • Wicket
    • Logray
    • Paploo
    • Elder
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  • BH =
    • Bossk
    • Jango
    • Boba
    • Mando / IG-88 (Mando better)
    • Greef / Dengar (not sure which) @MasterSeedy
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    Might seem weird for f2p, but I would go straight SLKR. Get your current Padme team to g13 and then focus on FO. It will give you awesome arena team as well as good fleet. I would not go for GAS as it is not major improvement over Padme in arena at this point and the investment is about the same as a GL..
  • It’s really your choice. SLKR competitive and GAS if your playing for enjoyment
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    If you use my route, try to slow-farm Shask, Droideka and B1
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  • I think SLKR is smart thanks for all the feedback I think I need to finish up my bounty hunters and get a CLS team going and then ill focus on First order, any advice for SLKR farming?
  • should I hoard til the shard changes
  • also should I try to get my triumvirate as I need a geo counter for grand arena and I'm close to traya
  • First, hoard all your Store Currencies until Nov 24th ...

    ...unless you're buying gear or ship blueprints. Those won't change.

    As for hoarding otherwise, you still have to get 600 raid tickets every day, so keep farming your hard nodes. Unfortunately all your free cantina energy + all your free regular energy only totals 540/day. So you're going to need to spend 50 crystals per day on a single regular energy refresh. That's fine. That works, but more than that is bad.

    instead, save crystals you would have spent on Cantina or Regular energy refreshes, then just buy more refreshes per day than you normally would after Nov. 24th to get double the value.

    As for what's next in farming?

    You're at a spot where you've gotten the Arena squad that was promised by going Separatist => Padmé early. But you don't have the fleet that's promised by that route. Currently you're finishing near about 50th place, which means some days you're getting crystals & some days you aren't. You should change that.

    As I always say, this is a game, so it's about fun. If anything I say sounds like it wouldn't be fun to you, you should do something else. That said, you asked what to farm next & I'm assuming you're asking about what makes your roster better/more powerful (since no one here but you knows what you find fun). So I'm going to analyze things from that frame, okay? But again, feel free to ignore it if it's gong to kill the fun. After all, an efficient path to power that makes you hate the game & quit isn't even an efficient path to power, right?

    Right. So here we go. Your next farms need to be Fleet-Focussed. Fleet is **much** easier to take 1st (or top10 or whatever is your goal) than Squad Arena. But it requires thought and synergy every bit as much as Squad Arena if you want to succeed. Until you can get the Negotiator, the Geonosian fleet (usually paired with Tarkin before Malevolence becomes available) is superior. Your Geos are currently not ready for the task, so let's fix that. After all, if you can score well in fleet, then you can have a steady crystal income & that will make all your farms faster & eventually make you better in both Squad Arena & GAC. That's what I did when Squad Arena was too tough, and I was amazed at how quickly I moved up in fleet and at how much those extra crystals helped.

    The big bummer here is that Brood Alpha, Spy, & Soldier are all Cantina farms. Keep plodding along with Brood Alpha until the big switch when shard drops of older toons double. No Cantina Energy refreshes during that time (about 11 more days) Then:
    Cantina Energy:
    1. Spy
    2. Soldier
    3. Brood Alpha

    Then either:
    4. Kylo Ren Unmasked + TIE Silencer (You'll finish KRU first, but don't stop til you have Silencer done)
    5. Hera => 5 stars
    6. Ezra => 6 stars
    7. Hera => 6 Stars
    8. Ezra (finish)
    9. Hera (finish)

    OR ... the same thing, but take KRU from the front and put him at the end. Either way, those are your next 3 toons, the only question is whether you're prioritizing Fleet & FO or prioritizing Phoenix. I would recommend KRU first.

    Regular Energy:
    1. Finish Hound's Tooth (100 energy/day)
    2. Hyena Bomber until shard doubling (100/day)
    3. Vulture until shard doubling (60/day)
    4. Phantom II until shard doubling (100/day)
    5. Ghost until shard doubling (100/day)

    Now, you're absolutely going to finish Hound's tooth, even if it takes longer than Nov. 24th, but the other ships are on here because Shards will double on the 24th, but Ship Blueprints won't. So it's better to wait to farm shards until the 24th. You're best off just doing a little work on these other ships & then setting them aside to go back to character farms on the 24th than working on characters the whole time.

    AFTER shard doubling, your regular energy looks like this:
    1. Finish HT (100/day)
    2. Luke (Farmboy) (100/day)
    3. Sabine (60/day)
    4. Hoth Scout + Hux (Same node: 80/day)
    5. Sith Trooper (80/day)
    6. First Order Storm Trooper (120/day - no refreshes, but has two different 60 energy nodes)
    7. First Order TIE Pilot (160/day - no refreshes, but has two different 80 energy nodes)

    NOTE: this totals 800 energy per day. You might not be able to do quite that many refreshes right away. THat's fine. Just leave off FOTP until Hound's Tooth is finished.
    Further note, yes you really do want to have & gear Hoth Scout. Although Hux is more important, this is a great node because Hoth Scout is amazing in Hoth Territory Battle as long as you aren't ready for Light Side Geonosis, and also he's a crucial part of the Mon Mothma squad after you are ready for LS Geo TB.

    Fleet Energy:
    1. Greef Karga & Rebel Y-Wing (RYW is the more important of the two, but Greef is great as well)
    2. Bastila
    3. Jolee or Shaak Ti (depending on whether you want the two Revans & Malak first, or whether you want GAS first).

    Note: this totals 300 energy, but you'll only be getting
    286. Just take 4 sims per day on the third node. When the first one of these is done (probably Bastila), you can add Zaalbar or Anakin's Starfighter, depending on whether you're pushing hard for Jedi Revan or still rounding out your fleet. Either one is fine.

    1. Chopper
    2. First Order Officer
    3. Old Daka
    4. Stormtrooper
    5. Fives
    6. Pao
    7. Jawa Scavenger

    After the doubling,
    3. Sun Fac
    4. Dengar
    5. Logray
    6. Paploo
    7. Colonel Starck

    Dengar is needed for Chewbacca, the ewoks for C-3PO. Paploo is possible to get outside the guild store, but the others are exclusive to the guild store (except for a few shards through events), so you're going to have to get them here before you can start using this currency for gear.

    After the doubling:
    1. Princess Leia
    2. Stormtrooper Han
    3. IG-88
    4. Kanan Jarrus

    Galactic War Store: Do not hoard - you're going for ships
    1. Sun Fac
    2. Geonosian Soldier's Starfighter
    3. Geonosian Spy's Starfighter

    Only when you're done with all 3 ships, then move on to:
    1. Zeb
    2. Clone Sergeant's ARC-170 (Ship)
    3. Imperial TIE Fighter (Ship)
    4. Resistance X-Wing (Ship)
    5. Biggs
    6. Phasma
    7. NightSister Intiate

    NOTE: The 3 ships I'm having you start farming early in this second batch? They're all rare, which is why you start early. They won't drop often, so you may develop an excess of currency. Farm all 3 of these ships basically simultaneously, just taking whatever one shows up. If you get more than 5k GW Tokens built up even farming all three at once (or, more likely, after one of the 3 ships is finished), go ahead and spend anything over 5k on the characters below.

    Once those last 7 are done, farm every single ship that appears in the GW store. All of them. Take all of them to 7*, most of them you'll need to qualify for one event or another, but even the ones you don't might be needed in the future. Since the toons in the GW store are permanent, you can always switch to one you don't have & get 30 shards/day. But the ships appear randomly and you get 1/2 the number of shards, so you can wait a lot longer if you're not prepared on ships & suddenly need one than if you're not prepared on a character here & suddenly need one.

    Guild Event Store (GET 1):
    1. Hermit Yoda
    2. Wampa up to 6* only (spend nothing on Wampa until HY is finished)
    ===> do not spend on anything else, as tempting as it might be
    ===> Hermit Yoda is first because hopefully this allows you time to collect Wampa shards from the Galactic Bounties event. If you can do that, you'll end up spending less on Wampa & can start saving earlier for GAS & Malak. The point of stopping at 6* is the same. You have to have Wampa to be able to get Jedi Knight Luke later, but if you can hurry him along with GET1 but finish him with Galactic Bounties, you'll be better off. Of course, if you're ready to try for Jedi Luke & Wampa isn't finished, obviously you can switch back to spending on Wampa.

    Guild Event Store (GET 2):
    1. Malevolence
    2. Negotiator (spend nothing on Negotiator until Malevolence is finished)
    ===> do not spend on anything else, as tempting as it might be
    You're much better set up for early & good use of the Malevolence than you are for early & good use of the Negotiator. Plus Malevolence can do very well at 5 stars, where Negotiator reaches its potential much later. So going Mal gets you to the top of Fleet Arena quicker than going Nego.

    The goal of this plan is to work on things simultaneously whenever they don't conflict with each other, but the general priorities are
    1. Improve fleet standing by finishing the Geonosians
    2. Finish the rebels needed to get Emperor Palpatine & Thrawn, so you can have a strong Empire squad as soon as possible
    3. Use the Empire squad to get R2 which gets you CLS.
    4. Lay the foundation for the long-term projects SLKR, GAS, both Revans (and thus for Malak), 3PO, & Chewbacca.

    If you don't like any of these goals, the plan can be revised, but in a lot of places it wouldn't necessarily help. For instance, you could work on Zeb sooner in the GW store, but you have a lot of work to do on other toons, and your Geo ships aren't in bad shape. Since you can get zen up to max stars so quickly, it's almost certainly not going to help you with Palpatine & Thrawn if you decide to skip the Geo Ships and gear up Zeb first. You'll still be waiting for other Phoenix members for Thrawn, and you won't need Zeb for Palp, so those legendaries will likely be finished on the same day no matter whether you do Zeb now or after the Geo ships. On the other hand, every single day early you finish your Geo ships is another day earlier you start getting better fleet arena rewards, so it does matter there.

    Anyway, this is the best plan I can come up with for your situation -- given that you didn't know what you wanted to farm next. If you ever decide that you know you want to go for a specific event, we can touch up the plan to focus on that as your top priority & bump other efforts down.

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    Wow you are ranked 78 in squad arena!?!? When did you start the game?

    I have no tips/ideas for you. Master Seedy covered everything very well (:
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  • Wow thank you that was very helpful ill refer back to this and maybe ask more questions on this thread if I need any help. I usually rank pretty high just because I have a ton of heavy spenders and Whales in my shards but unfortunately they don't have much synergy /game knowledge. Thank you all for everything, especially you master seedy
  • oh and I started this game in June
  • also I was wondering should I continue farming bossk and or JKA
  • I have over 80 shards of hounds tooth so I should be done fairly quickly
  • what fleet lineup am I shooting for before malevolence
  • I am also undefeated in grand arena I was wondering if this plan will boost my GP significantly
  • what fleet lineup am I shooting for before malevolence

    You want all 3 Geos on the field together. If Hound's Tooth is strong enough, then you might want HT, Sun Fac, Soldier as your starting lineup & Spy as your first reinforcement. Other reinforcements would likely shift depending on what you have available, but you also want to farm Hyena when possible (and earlier is better), and the Vulture droid is helpful once you actually have Mal. You don't need to use vulture before you have Mal, but you will need to start farming it a couple months before you get Mal so that it hits seven stars about the same time as Mal hits five. As long as it's unlocked, though, that's the important thing. Because of RNG it's impossible to estimate these things exactly, so as long as you hit 7-star vulture within about 30 days of unlocking Malevolence (it unlocks at 5 stars), then you timed it well.

    I am also undefeated in grand arena I was wondering if this plan will boost my GP significantly

    Obviously it's better to win than lose in GAC, but the rewards there are small compared to the rewards elsewhere. Your GP will have to go up as you progress in the game, so my advice is not to worry about it. As long as you are focussed on worthwhile toons, things will work out. Eventually you'll lose some GAC rounds, but with a good development plan you'll always win more than you lose. This one basically takes care of itself.
  • Shard Shop Priorities:
    1. ONLY Stun Gun Salvage, but EVERY piece of stun gun salvage
    2. ====WAIT until you've built up more than 1,500 Shard Shop Currency
    3. Start buying as many purple g12 Med Packs as you can without ever dropping below 1k Currency
    4.===> If you go over 2,000 Currency,
    5. start buying any Gold Gear you need for your Arena squad without going below 1500 currency.

    Always buy every bit of stun gun salvage that rotates through the shop. You'll easily get a full stun gun prototype per month if you do. In some months you can get 2 full stun gun prototypes (100 salvage), though that takes some luck on RNG because SG Salvage is rare here.

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    Fleet Store: No hoarding necessary
    1. Darth Vader
    2. General Grievous
    3. TIE Adv.
    4. Rex's ARC-170
    5. Ghost
    6. Phantom
    7. Poe's X-Wing
    8. Scimitar
    9. Slave 1
    10. Gauntlet
    Now, the first 4 are all rare, so you might be able to farm all of them at once. Just make sure you never drop below 1k currency unless you're buying whichever character or ship is at the top of the list. There is no need to worry about hoarding since Vader & Grievous aren't on the list of characters that will have their shards doubled.
    After you're done with Vader, Grievous & the Ships here, there are a couple other characters that are exclusive here (or difficult to get elsewhere) that you should pick up. Both of these characters have their shards doubled, but you don't have to worry about waiting since it's going to take you months before you're ready to pick them up:
    1. Chirrut
    2. Ahsoka Tano (Fulcrum)
    After that, you're ready to turn your Fleet Tokens into zeta mats forever.
  • thank you I will follow this closely and maybe make some progress reports
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