How to counter phoenix with separatists-In-depth guide for new players

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If you're a new player, you probably see a lot of phoenix teams in arena. If you're a new player, you probably searched "swgoh farming guide" on youtube and found ahnald's video (s). The squad you're probably using is dooku,nute,magna,geo soldier and poggle. You've probably lost a couple of battles against phoenix and wondering if separatists are really that good. Well, worry no more, because in this guide i'll show you how to counter phoenix with the seps squad which i mentioned earlier.
Modding-Your dooku should be faster than the enemy team (especially chopper).For this you need an arrow with a speed primary.A two dot speed primary arrow will suffice.IMPORTANT-Mod everybody with health sets.The more health on the mod, the better.Of course, if you have higher dot mods,it's better.And if you are at least level 70 you won't have to worry about health because you're probably modding while reading mod guides about specific characters.If you're under level 50, then you won't have to worry about mods.
Step 1-Use dooku's lightning at chopper.Hopefully this gets rid of his protection and chips away at his health.IMPORTANT-Stun/ability block hera.If you don't do this, hera will probably put backup plan on chopper and chopper will revive when you kill him. Go all in on chopper and kill him after you've stun/ability blocked hera.
Step 2-Kill Hera, then kill ezra and then kill zeb.(yes that's what you should do)
Step 3-IMPORTANT-Now only Kanan should be left. Here's the tricky part-When kanan suffers a debuff he recovers some health due to his unique and separatists are all about debuffs.Chances are that kanan will probably recover more health than the damage he takes. To stop it, use dooku's lightning which will shock kanan.Due to shock he won't be able to heal and when shock isn't on him try not to use any attacks that include debuffs.Kill kanan and you've defeated the squad!

I hope you found this helpful! Tip-If you can't beat the squad, sub out poggle for a healer(recommended-ahsoka).
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