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The account is exactly 7.7 months old, strictly f2p, looking for advice and tips on where should I focus my resources, what teams to farm, mods, zetas, priorities etc. Everything please, and thanks.
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  • @Kyno please let this sit for a while in general
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    Oshu wrote: »
    Kyno please let this sit for a while in general

    This is not general discussion, this is development and strategy.

    New player section is the correct place for this kind of advice. The strategy section would work too.
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    The account is exactly 7.7 months old, strictly f2p, looking for advice and tips on where should I focus my resources, what teams to farm, mods, zetas, priorities etc. Everything please, and thanks.

    Wow that's a great roster for one so new! How did you manage to get your arena team geared so high?

    Looks like you're in a great place to get GAS sometime soon. This will get you a great Grievous droid team (Grievous isn't required, but outside of the event, he works wonders with the separatist droids.) as well as a new 501st GAS squad. However, your ewoks are basically non-existent, and you'll need them for C3PO. The new shard update should make farming ewoks a ton easier, though.

    Or, depending on what you are interested in, and what you think will be the most fun for you, JKR -> DR is also a great choice, as well as basically anything else. Pick something to farm up that will make you happy, in the end, this is a game, and the purpose is to have fun.

    Hopfully this helps :)
  • @Old_Ben12345

    Thanks mate, basically had great guilds that were farming DS-LS Geo TBs ! Enjoying GAC the most and trying to stay focused in that mode and fleets.

    My goal is to get DR after I 7* canderous with minimum requirements, (I'll be gearing hk and bf to 12-13 most likely) then DR, then Ewoks and 501st for GAS, then gl Kylo most likely, but I can't fit the mod farming part there.
  • So, It sounds like you're going JKR => DR as your next quest.

    So you have to focus your farming on those goals. JKR requires
    Bastila (Dark Side battles & Fleet battles)
    Jolee (Also ds battles & fleet battles)
    Mission (Cantina Battles)
    T3-M4 (Cantina Battles)
    Zaalbar (already complete)

    Then DR requires:
    Bastila (Fallen) (Already done)
    Canderous (Already done)
    Darth Onassi (Already done)
    HK-47 (Already done)
    Juhani (Already done)

    And Malak, which you're going to need if you want a DR squad requires all of the above + the 2 Revans. Since Malak is absolutely necessary to make your Darth Revan squad shine, you're going to need JKR ASAP after DR. So that means your spending and farming today needs to reflect not just your current priority, but your priorities for JKR & Malak to come.

    So your plan right now should include
    Regular Energy priorities on Bastila & Jolee
    Cantina energy priorities on Mission, then T3-M4
    Fleet Battles energy may or may not be needed for Jolee & Bastila. Making that decision requires looking at how fast you're farming Canderous, Mission & Jolee as well as how fast you can gear them. Since you're doing very well in both Arenas, I suspect that you're already refreshing cantina energy 2x per day. You should stop that just for the next couple days until shard drops double. Spend what you get for free, but don't pay crystals today to farm what you can farm at twice the rate next week. Effectively your crystals buy you double if you just have a couple days' patience. So do that, no Cantina Energy refreshes and no Hard Node refreshes until after shard doubling.

    In fact, I think you're past the point where hard node refreshes can do you any good on Bastila (LS) and Jolee. They're not in your Arena squad and they won't be going in your Arena squad as soon as that squad is done, so right now the only important thing is that they get finished at the same time as the last other character you need for JKR. At the moment you have 2 toons stacked up all needing Cantina Energy to finish the quest. So you need to get Mission, then T3 before a 7* Jolee or Bastila becomes worthwhile. Ideally you'd finish everything at the same time, but for right now, let's just say you do

    Bastila (5x Regular Energy sims/day + 5x Fleet Energy sims/day)
    Jolee (5x Regular Energy sims/day + 5x Fleet Energy sims/day)

    That means 10 attempts per day, when they're already 1/2way done. Since you don't appear to have done anything on Mission or T3 yet, that means that (roughly speaking, i don't know how many shards of Bastila or Jolee you have) you would have to be getting more than 20 sims of Mission (and then T3) before it might be worth it to do any node refreshes.

    So I think what I'd do is wait until you finish Mission then check in on Jolee & Bastila. If they're both at 10/100 or better, you're probably fine. If they're worse than that, you might need to do one node refresh / day (use the regular energy node for that). By then we'll also be well past the date when shard rate doubles, so at that point you're not wasting those crystals buying fewer shards than you could get by waiting. Check in again at when T3 hits 5*. Jolee & Bastila should be at about 55/100 to be on schedule. You'l probably still be doing just 10 sims a day, but if you upped it to 15 and you're at 60-65 shards, you're back on schedule and can drop back down to 10 sims/day & save the crystals. If you're at less than 55/100 when T3 hits 5* even though you're doing 15 sims/day, then you might want to think about also refreshing the fleet node for the character (or both characters) that is behind. That's going to require you to start buying some fleet energy refreshes, but that's okay because at this point that energy isn't going to waste rushing a farm that isn't going to do anything for you because it will be waiting for some other toon to finish.

    But all this? That only tells you what to do with your regular energy & fleet energy. And though it takes up most of your fleet energy, it doesn't take up all of it & it's WAY short of taking up all your regular energy.

    So obviously you need to add a secondary goal, one slightly farther out than Malak, and start working on that now.

    Personally I think that should be SLKR. GAS is good, but SLKR is much better. But choose whichever one you think is fun, then go through this kind of analysis & figure out which toons you need, what types of energy or currency you need to get them, then make your plan. Except with Cantina energy it's best to farm multiple things at once. They'll all finish at the same time, and the amount of time that takes will be the same as if you refreshed nodes. The only difference is that you don't get the characters to 7* one at a time, you get them all to 7* at the same time at the end. When farming for distant goals, this makes a lot of sense and saves you a lot of crystals despite allowing you to finish at the same time you would have anyway. It's only when you're desperate for a single toon or two that node refreshes make sense. When you need a lot of toons, just farm them all 5 sims/day & forget the node refreshes. ..

    So... Is that enough? Or would you like to pick your after-Malak goal now & then we can walk through what you need to be doing with every energy type & every store currency?

    I know I didn't address zetas, which I could write up, but you're actually doing pretty well. You picked the right 2 zetas for Vader, you gave only 1 to Brood Alpha (the other is worth it, just not as good as other zetas you could get right now, so delay makes sense) & that sort of thing, so I don't think you really need my advice there & I certainly don't want to try to control your game or play.

    If you'd like more specific advice, I have a thought or two, but I trust you to do fine with zetas without my help.
  • @MasterSeedy Thanks a lot for your time ! Greatly appreciated, today I finally unlocked darth Revan, after many, many, many frustrating attempts(undergear ugh), I'm planning on gearing him, hk and bfallen up to 12-13, while slowly focusing on JKR farms, simultaneously will hoard resources for malak, I was thinking about gas, but then again I'd have to farm ewoks for him, I've already farmed Phasma and foo to 330 shards, hux is at 120. Can't seem to decide between slkr and gas, cause I've already 7*ed grievous squad, should i just gear that squad or focus slkr ? After jkr.

    Oh and one last thing, should I relic 7 gk and ahsoka ? Like is it the number one priority?

  • If you can take #1 in fleet on a daily basis (you've done a few times recently, but I mean like 350+ times per year, counting vacations & getting sick & everything. I mean taking 1st every time you actually are around to try for it) then you don't need to bump either up right now. I think getting GMY up to r5 is way more important than r7 for GK. And r7 is certainly not that important for Ahsoka.

    As for GAS vs. SLKR, I would go SLKR if I were you, but that's really a decision you need to make for yourself. SLKR gives you a bigger payoff in raid gear and is almost as good in terms of squads that it gives you for GAC/TW. SLKR also gives you 4/4 in Geo TB, reliably.

    GAS won't give you 4/4 in Geo TB, but Shaak Ti is required for GAS & the 501st squad is required for KAM, so at some point, since you're going to be gearing up the 501st to fight under Shaak Ti for KAM shards, several requirements are going to come together & make it silly not to go for GAS. I just don't think that's right now.

    But again, you need to choose your own priorities for yourself. Otherwise I'm just a boss handing out work assignments.
  • Thanks again !

    I guess I'll start gearing DR, + saving currency for malak, slowly gearing that squad, then moving to JKR, and simultaneously gearing geos+sep droids(?) While farming first order. How does that sound ?


    Your advice is helpful, was planning on going aftwr GAS, but then again SLKR has more usefulness than GAS, plus my guild doesn't even farm LS Geo tb.

    One more thing, drop a word regarding my separatists and I'll consider this thread officially closed.
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    What kind of information or opinion do you want regarding your separatists?

    Also, if you go SLKR, remember you need the Finalizer, which has its own requirements:
    First Order TIE Fighter
    Hound's Tooth
    Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle
    Slave I
    TIE Silencer
    TIE Advanced
    Xanadu Blood

    Here are the ones you don't have done yet:
    FOTF - GW Store (Get this right away - you should 7* all ships available in the GW store, but save a reserve minimum of tokens to focus on this one)
    Kylo Ren's Command Shuttle (That's something to start farming with regular energy Right Now - it will take a while)
    Slave 1 - Fleet Arena store + Fleet Battles (I'd do 4 attempts/ day starting right now in fleet battles, then up that as needed once Jolee & Bastila are done).
    KRU's TIE Silencer - Cantina Battles (you'll get 1/2 of this for free since it's on the same node as KRU)
    TIE Advanced - Fleet Arena Store (this has to be a top priority - there's no place else to get the ship & the pilot is already geared)
    Xanadu Blood - Regular energy. (You're nearly there. This one won't hold you back.)
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    One more thing, drop a word regarding my separatists and I'll consider this thread officially closed.

    If you want to gear them, I’d either to Geos (easier) or GG droids (longer as you only have 3 at gear 8+, but more important endgame.
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  • Thanks a lot !

    @Kyno do the honours, close this
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