Min requirements to solo HSTR

There’s a newish member of our clan who’s soloed hstr about 4 times now. He has around 2m GP.
R7: Vader, dooku, savage, jka. R6: ahsoka. R5: death maul. G12: grevious, asajj, sidious, barriss, rex, 5s, gm yoda.

Is it possible for this lineup to solo hstr? ie 153+ million


  • Nope. Depending on the state of his other NS he might solo P3 for ~40m but otherwise no big scores with that lot.

    Grab his ally code and send details to CG_LucifersDaddy. Then boot him.
  • Thanks for the reply and suggestion.

    Daka and zombie 4 star, so he couldn’t do much with that.
  • crzydroid
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    If Daka is 4*, he shouldn't be able to pull off a p3 solo, unless there's a sub I don't know about.

    JTR with Rex and Fives has the ability to solo p1, but at g12 that will be difficult. At 2 million, it seems unlikely he can finish the other phases by himself at all, let alone without pulling out and having some of the damage eaten by other members.
  • He doesn’t have JTR either
  • Nah he/she/it is cheating...
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