Recent GAC Finals Match: Suspect Battles by Opponent

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Hello All,

Per advice from my arena shard mates, I should post the suspect battles on the forums.

The link below is my SWGOH profile and GAC history.

The three suspect battles as follows:

G8 Cade Bane (L) / G8 Greedo and R3 FOSTP vs. R7 GS (L) / R5 Rex / R5 Fives: Preloaded, the opponent was able to down my GS and either causes a sacrifice or directly killed Fives (tank build).

G8 Mace (L) / G9 Chewbacca / R5 Rose vs. R7 GS / R5 Rex: Preloaded, I lost with the opponent team at full health.

G7 C3PO (L) / G9 T3M4 / G7 R2D2 vs R5 GG / R5 B1 / G12 B2: Preloaded team and GG team lost.

Any of the three aforementioned scenarios realistic?
Just wondering before I accuse someone of cheating.

Thank you,



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