Mod filtering- exclude secondary stats

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edited November 2020
Could we get an option to exclude any mods with a particular secondary stat. At the moment we can only select 4 secondary stats when filtering. For vader for example i wouldnt need tenacity but would love to have offense, offense%, crit chance, protection, potency etc. It would be nice to filter to see mods with only the stats i want. Can we please get an upgrade to the mod filtering system?


  • Ultra
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    i agree the mod filter and sorting system needs some more upgrades

    as for your problem, what i do is i pick one secondary in the filter and then sort by the other, for example, filter mods to only include potency % in secondary and then sort from highest offense % to lowest
  • scuba
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    Need a reverse sort!
  • scuba wrote: »
    Need a reverse sort!

    This, badly
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