Future Content Request

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I think it would be very helpful if some future update included a pseudo-arena.

I really want to try out different arena builds, but the environment is very limiting, in terms of attempts/day. If I only get five arena battles a day I can't usually waste one on a theory-crafted team. As a rule I spend three battles getting back into position (evidently my team sucks on defense,) and then use the last two battles to regain/hold position. Most days I end up in the 10-6 range, but I always use the same team because I know it works. I feel the GW is similarly limiting because there is too much (credits, training droids, ability materials, etc.) on the line to use a, potentially, inferior team build, killing off vital characters, and hampering your ability to complete the GW.

My solution: a pseudo-arena where players can pit their characters against any team, at any gear level. This arena should not cost any resource, nor should their be any award for using it. I think this arena could have a secondary benefit of encouraging micro transactions, and would therefore justify any effort expended in its creation. If I got go up against my dream team, and it performs just as well as I imagined it would, I would be much more inclined to spend money in its acquisition... not that not knowing has precluded me from making purchases up to this point. Anyway, I think a training arena of this nature would be eminently helpful. Thoughts?


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