Nightsisters Beat Relic 7 GL Palpatine!

Welcome back, everyone. Today's video is going to be showing you all how to counter GL palp with your standard Nightsister team! Yes, you heard me right, Nightsisters counter SEE under the right circumstances and is actually very fun to play and works when he has his ultimate. Join me as we go through the tactics and mods required to beat specific Galactic Legend Palpatine teams with your Talzin lead squad. As you have probably guessed this counter requires no event characters and is extremely F2P friendly. Opponents' mods are shown at the end. GL Palpatine could very well be buffed long-term and this team might take a hit. If you enjoy the video please be sure to share it with your friends and guilds and please consider giving the video a like and subscribing! Have a great day everyone.
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