Update on Bronzium Packs and Tank Takedown Raid

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Hi Holotable Heroes,

We have made a couple changes for the Anniversary Update and for the upcoming Raid based on your feedback.

First up is Bronzium packs, these originally were not going to be changed due a technical issue but seeing how important this was to you, the team dedicated some extra time to this and was able to find the issues that were preventing us from updating Bronzium Packs. Character shards dropped from Bronzium Packs will be doubled with the Anniversary Update. (This does not affect full character drops from Bronzium packs)

Second is in regards to the Tank Takedown Raid. With the release of The Pit Challenge Tier (note: this will be in a Update following the Anniversary Update), many of you were asking if we could also bump up the number of events that can be simmed and so we decided to make the Tank Takedown simmable with the release of The Pit Challenge Tier. Just like The Pit, your Guild will need to achieve a particular requirement to enable this feature. For the Tank Takedown, the requirements will be:
  • The guild has beaten Heroic Tank Takedown 50 times
  • 35 members have 7* General Kenobi
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