KAM and Watt in event store

Heya since its approaching a year since LS geo came out I was wondering if anyone remembers the time-frame when Probe and Rolo were added to the event store. There is literally no way my guild will get KAM in the next decade, I got us our first shard this go and only about 3 others will be ready next time. Also we are just starting to get decent Watt shards. So anyone remember about how long it took for past TB characters to be added to the event store?


  • The "time frame" was the addition of a new TB, which eliminated the option of acquiring IPD/Rolo shards if you wanted to play the new content. So they added them to the store.

    I wouldn't expect KAM/Wat in the store before GET III.
  • Ahh I see thats disappointing
  • Maybe they can be added as rewards to a future Galactic Bounties 3 event (just like ROLO, Wampa, Probe Droid are in GB1)

    and remember, GB events only cycle ever ~six/seven weeks, so if a player is counting on a future GB III event for KAM shards (exclusively), it would still take ~17 cycles or 102-119 weeks (~two years).
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