257 mil 30/15* looking for 2

Looking for 2 to replace some vacancy. Super chill guild

We are a 257 mil GP Guild of very experienced players who enjoy the game and are more than willing to help you out with any questions or thoughts you might have. We also removed the stress of forced farms. All we ask is that you are an active player who participates in TB & gets your 600 tickets. TW is optional so that's on you if you join (if you do participation is required)!
Looking for 4+ mil

600 tickets required
TB required
DS Geo 30 stars - 40+ WAT shards
LS Geo 15 stars - 4 KAM shards (more after our guild modding gets fine tuned)
TW optional
Raids are as follows
Pit - 9:30 PM EST
SITH- 10:00 PM EST

Guild reset is 9:30 PM EST
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