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  • I managed with bossk lead (r3 with my five's arena defense mods), R7 mando, 6* g9 greer, 7* g12 boba, and 7* G10 cad. Key was to retreat until ig88 didnt do his ae attack so boba/cad could wipe taunts. boba takes out taunt on L3, cad takes out taunt on ig11, then focus on kuill to get payout. Mando kill order was then kuill, L3, ig88, mando, ig11.
  • BitDynasty published this, he’s very good at explaining
  • I have just the thermal detonator feats to do at tiers 6 & 7.
    My Jawa are too weak to try that way.
    Zam lead hasn't worked, as she's g12 and squishy. Cad Bane lead helped to land detonators, but again the team is too weak.
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    Tschysas wrote: »
    Whats going on ?
    my R5 - R7 Bounties cant beat V.....

    is this serious ?

    I beat it with G9 Jango(L), G12 Bossk, G9 Boba, G8 Mando, and G8 Greef
    tactic was use Jango lead have Bossk go first, use his mass assist Greef, Mando, Boba, and Jango assist (7 hits on a debuffed enemy) then Mando takes a turn calls one of the three that multi attack to assist (now you're on 10 hits) then Greef calls a mass assist (you're on 16 hits now) then Boba and Jango double tap (in any order) payout is done Boba gets a bonus turn and everyone gets frenzy, use Boba's aoe to give everyone full TM, use Bossk taunt, then Mando disintegrate then Bossk mass assist then Greef mass assit then Boba double tap then Jango burning. it can take a bit of effort to get the speeds set up like that but you can do it and it's what I did and it worked for me.
    Edit: forgot to mention in this setup right after Mando uses disintegrate he will have his cooldowns reduced by 3 (2 crits from the assists and 1 cooldown reduction from Bossk's being on the weakest enemy(Kuiil)) as a side not you need at least Mando's zeta (I also had Bossk lead zeta but obviously that means nothing in this situation)
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