Idea for a different take on territory war

Two alliances face off against one another for control of various planets over a few (2-5?) days. Each of the planets has a certain number of squad slots. Whoever controls a certain percentage of the squad slots on the planet (51%, 66%, 75%???) controls that planet and will score points for it when the timer runs out. Each planet also has an environmental effect and/or bonuses for certain teams. Ewoks do well on Endor, and geos on Geonosis, that sort of thing.

Over the course of the war, the alliances attack each other vying for control of the planets. When a team wins on offense, it occupies the slot and becomes a defense team. When a team loses on defense, it goes on a cool down timer (2 hrs, 6 hrs???) before it can be used again. Planets and squads can switch back and forth throughout the course of the war. Ideally, there would be more planets/team slots than an alliance can easily cover, or at least that are hard to cover with good teams.

This would encourage some variety in strategy, do we claim all of the little planets on the outer rim or do we focus on the core worlds that are worth big points? Certain teams are great on offense but struggle on D, how do you use them effectively. Your random alliance member with fully relic'd jawas gets to be a rock star on Tatooine. Also, CG could release minor tweaks like new planets or updated effects or an event temporarily changing an effect, to keep the mode fresh without having to redo everything.

Fleet could be integrated seamlessly with fleet slots around each planet that either need to be cleared first, or else controlling the fleet around a planet gives a bonus/penalty. Maybe each planet only has one fleet slot.

The initial set up could either be a draft of planets with a setup period, or the board could start empty with unaligned teams on each planet that need to be taken out first.

CG benefits by pushing everyone deeper into their rosters, encouraging gearing more characters. They could let characters refresh for crystals. Also, you know, community interest and engagement.


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