This is what I have, who do I need to gear/farm?

Title says it all. Going to go after Palme and I’m not sure what toons make up a good team 5ccglkz6ul7x.png


  • crzydroid
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    I'd say keep working on Geos, Nute, and Grievois and the battle droids. They (and Dooku) are all needed in Geo TB in some form or other. Even if you don't go full geo on Padme, a Nute lead team of the others should work with sufficient gear and mods.
  • Personally I'm recommending om a full seps droids. While the other squads are good too outside the event (especially the bugs), I feel like with GG lead a seps droids team it'll give you much more competitive squad. Not only in geoTB but also in the arena, TW and GAC.
    That what I did, and I'm not sorry.

    I will say more- it'll help if you don't think about the toons as just what needed for Padme and nothing else (and therefor try to do the bare minimum for the event). Instead, see it as oppertunaty to build an actuall great team that will operate outside the event
  • Also if you go for GG droids and then Padme, you will end up with almost all requirements for GAS.
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