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Hey guys, first post.

I joined a new seed 3 days ago and have the big boi bundle, and am trying to get to the top 5 in arena and top 3 in fleet. My strategy is to build an empire team (EP lead (no zeta), Vader (I will Zeta his ability), Shoretrooper, Thrawn, and Tarkin (is Nihilus better?).

Rn i am struggling to hold top 20 vs bastilla and new shaak ti (clones) teams... Will i be able to catch up with that composition?

For my strategy, I am getting Separatists for Padme and Pheonix for Thrawn and EP (and the 2 Jedi as a side effect for Yoda), while focusing on my galactic republic fleet (and bossk ofc), which will work well with Padme.

Do you guys think this strategy is good or am I just gonna drop down in arena? I will end up having A full separatist team (B1 only 5* for now but with Griveous, Magmaguard, B2), and a Padme team with Fives instead of Obi-Wan and with Yoda, while I am grinding Obi.

Sorry for the long post! Oh, and if you are in the same position, how did you go about it? Thanks!


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    Keep in mind that Grievous his damage is based on his health, wich isn't very high, below G12.

    In my opinion going for the Geonosians will work better to get Padme. They are great in GAC / TW as well and don't need much zetas. Farming GBA takes some time, but is definitely worth it. They have good ships as well to start with.

    Maybe Piett instead of Tarkin
  • The thing is, I have b2 on 7*, Doku, grievous and asajj on 6*, and pretty much all other separatists on 5.

    I think your strategy is better for padme quickly, but later the geonosians drop off. I also dont have them leveled, theyre all on lvl 1 gear 1 and they are pretty much all on cantina battles.... It would take ages :p
  • Hortus
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    No, you won't be able to compete against Shaak Ti and Bastila with that team. First, Palp lead without zeta is pretty much pointless. Second, even with zeta both Shaak Ti and Bastila are hard counters for Palpatine - both are fast anti-debuffs teams.

    But getting Geos and Padme is a good plan. Padme definitely is the best team among those you mentioned and can help you stay in the top of squad Arena for a long time.
  • radzq4pblgk7.png

    I thought Palp countered Jedis tbh, especially if i stun Yoda with Thrawn and get their tenacity buff i think its called out of the game xd.

    For the Separatists, you also think i should be going for geos? Take a look at my Droids, i even have bb8 cuz of the Bundle. I thought Grievous, Magma, B2, Droideka and Asajj could work well. Maybe even Nute or Doku instead of Droideka or Asajj. Even if Grievous isnt that strong, i think it will be enough for 5/6 stars for now. But i never had a Separatist team so idk.

    The Geos would just take so much time... I wanna have a good arena team asap to ensure me a high position in the long run.
  • Hortus
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    > if i stun Yoda with Thrawn

    "If" is the key word here. Bastila jedi will start with TM boost and pretaunting tank, so touching GMY in first few turns will be very problematic.

    > For the Separatists, you also think i should be going for geos?

    If we are speaking only about Padme unlock then probably not, you can go for Padme with what you have (maybe farm Nute, he's easy farm and great leadership for Padme event). But in terms of being capable team with relatively low investment geos is better than droids imho. Grievous team is zeta-heavy and gear-heavy, while geos need one zeta and work at 9+ gear level just fine.
  • Beating bastilla Jedi with empire isn't too difficult. A good shaak clones team is going to difficult to impossible
  • crzydroid
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    I would probably go after other teams and I'm sure others have given you some advice. However in the mean time I'll point out that Bastila lead is a hard counter to Palpatine lead. I would experiment with Vader lead as the tmr can't be resisted. The extra offense could also come in handy for getting through the Protection Up.
  • Dang okay, I wanted a team that gives me top 10 in arena until i get Padme, but i guess ill have to hold on my top 5 in fleet for crystals.... Im now only top 30 in Arena :/.... but its on defense so we will see tmrw how it goes.....

    What teams would you go after? Remember, im trying to level characters for my GR Fleet at the same time.
    Is it worth to maybe make the switch to Shaak Ti, Clones and Jka? Or are the Separatists (Grievous, Magma, B2, Droideka, assaj) good enough (at gear 8-9) to beat Bastila for now with 1-2 Zeta abilitys MAX (i only have 16 and get about 6 a week)?

  • JoryG87 wrote: »
    Keep in mind that Grievous his damage is based on his health, wich isn't very high, below G12.

    I thought Grievous had to have his relic and a decent level in order to have enough health to be good? Maybe I'm wrong, I only have a g11 at 5/6 gear pieces (he will be at g12 in about 24 hours), so i'm not sure.
    JoryG87 wrote: »
    Maybe Piett instead of Tarkin

    Piett is only good if his Emperor's Trap ability is zeta'd, so maybe Tarkin would be better if they can't add the zeta yet.
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