Looking for active guild. Returning player (max tickets daily)

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Hi everyone, I’m a returning player that started fresh on a new account back in the early summer. My current guild is nice (150 GP and a few wat shards) but is not very active and has lots of empty spots.
I’m Potentially looking for a active guild that has full activity from its members and is preferably running tank raid more than once a week. (Need Kenobi shards lol)
A guild with EST or PST time zone would be best and I don’t use discord but I could start using it if it’s the right guild

A little about me:
- Max out tickets daily
- Top 10 in my arena
- Padme is my best team currently and working towards general Anakin. Already made good progress.
- I always participate in all events and generous in guild exchange
any other questions? Feel free to ask me.

Thanks everyone!


  • Hi there not sure about your roster but here is a bit about us.


    541st Legion

    We are an independent, focused but relaxed long time guild looking for 2 solid daily players.

    Currently at 208 mil+ gp. Looking for players with 2.5+ mil gp but will consider lower with a focused roster.

    <23+ Ds Geo>
    <18+ Wat Shards>

    New to LS Geo, recent switch from hoth, will be at 10+ stars next time around.

    Raids all heroic with 24 hr join time. Raid times are 6 pm pst and 9 pm est start.

    Rules are simple:
    -Participate in all Territory Battles
    -Contribute on offense and defense in TW
    -Work together to help everyone get better.

    *Discord is recommended.

    Contact me NBA Jammer
    In game 544-742-275
    Discord NBA Jammer#2155
  • phQQner.jpg
    The Potentium Order

    We are a 6 guild alliance that works together to maximize rewards and member preferences. Mostly US CST/EST evening raid times (some alternate). We arrange our guilds based on participation expectations with members moving around depending on their schedule and commitment to the game. We have guilds ranging from casual to those with daily commitments. Our officers work hard to make this the last SWGoH group our members ever need.

    We have a shared discord server full of veteran players willing to help with advice which is required for our most active guilds. I will post some links to info and our discord server below and would be happy to answer any questions that you may have. Feel free to stop by the server to check us out before making any decision. You can find out more about our guilds and group mentality in #welcome there.


    Hope to hear from you soon.
    May the Force be with you, always.
  • https://swgoh.gg/g/71305/xyloks-crew/
    we do have  a discord set up....discord link is https://discord.gg/8724SdB
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