LOST SOULS is recruiting


We are looking for some good people to join or merge with our guild and be part of a laid back family.
We aim high for rewards but we won’t expect more than you can give.
We are here for the long haul.

About us:
-Currently needing strong souls, core group is above 4.4GP average
-All raids heroic - 24 hour to join
- DS Geo 21 stars with 50 similar players could be more but we got a lot of afk's then
- LS Geo N/A stars
- Wat Tambor around N/A shards per TB ( all players now gear their Geos )
- HOTH's 30 + stars

What we ask:
- Dedicated players with good set up to start
-All events are mandatory ( TB's are priority )
- We have discord but we don’t force ppl to join, just be active.
-We are laid back chilled guild with some great above average players, so I’m sure you’ll enjoy your stay at lost souls :)

darkrider (628118831) you can also msg me in discord :)
Or join our lost souls discord room - https://discord.gg/NNcezeB

Lost souls


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