286m GP guild with one opening


UnlImited Power 286m GP 28 DS Geo TB stars/ 14 LS Geo TB

We're a casual independent guild for folks who like to play the game in a chill environment and we put family/work obligations ahead of game obligations. We don't have hardline rules like "you have to own a TW-ready Padme squad" or "you need to be able to be able to beat all special missions in TB".

We run all raids heroic and both Geo TB's. We post TW teams on the map. Just do your best and that's good enough for us, no stress. We also only ask that for LS Geo TB you deploy. Many folks don't find those battles fun so if you are able to get a wave or two complete here and there that's great but if LS Geo TB isn't fun for you then just follow deployment instructions and you're gold.

Our expectations boil down to:
Let us know if you won't be participating in guild-wide game modes or getting 600 tickets in for more than a day at a time (our Discord server has a vacation channel just for this!)
If you do join, follow the instructions. Our officers put a lot of effort into making sure TB/TW instructions are simple & easy to follow.

-Discord required.

We currently have an opening for 4.5m+ GP . We run all Heroic raids (Rancor on sim @ 6 pm PST, Tank @ 5 pm PST, Sith @ 6 pm PST), DS Geo TB (28 stars on the most recent run), and LS Geo TB (14 stars most recent, 36 Wat shards, 2 KAM shards.

If you're tired of constantly chasing the meta, want to hang out in a guild that doesn't care if you have the shiniest toys, and love democracy and the republic, send a message to me (Discord- Mercedes Benz#5340 or Volnon#7807). Please use Discord to send a DM and not Swgoh forums since I don't check them as often.

May The Force Be With You!
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