Galactic Challenges

My feedback is this:

- Galactic Challenges gives me motivation to make all of my teams decent. This is a very long term goal so it's hit and miss if I have the right team for the once a week event. Having the main reward being independent of the theme team is welcome, thank you.

- All challenges that need me to do something like "hit n thermals" or "score n damage" before killing the opponents absolutely need to have a counter. Many times if there's a swarm attack or multiple hits I can't even count things manually and is beyond annoying to guess. These challenges also suffer from "counter intuitive game play" syndrome. It's not fun to remod characters or build loadouts to make a hitter tanky so it can hang out doing light damage but sucking up enemy attacks. It is a challenge, but a theory crafting one, that requires counterproductive use of characters. Thankfully with the lower tiers being awarded automatically with higher tier victories, these might be more achievable in future.

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