Looking for a competitive yet laid back team?

Well you are in luck MandalorianXKnights is looking for you! We don’t enforce a farming guide but we do expect you to participate in any and all guild activities! Rosters prepping for wat and kam are always a plus!

Guild GP: 180 mil
DS Geo 21 stars (17 wat shards)
LS Hoth 43 stars
95% WIN rate in TW.

If you’re interested in joining our tight knit core of mandalorians! Message me in game or on discord, or feel free to join our recruitment discord where you can chat with the rest of our officers

ally code: 356-296-643

Discord: XxTHEWRAITHxX#7887

Recruitment officer chat link: https://discord.gg/A3agg4C2Sv

Thank you and happy holidays! This is the way!
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