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    I have 2 suggestions

    1. I think it would be really helpfull if there was a webpage or page withing the app that explains the actual mechenics like how does potency work vs tenacity. How does the defense stat work, defense penetration etc. Difference between special and physical damage.
    2. Make a page with each buff and debuff explained. Some kitt talk about a buff and there is no explenation below it and some others do have this. For example JML inflicts breach. What if I dont remember what breach does exacrly?
  • Kyno
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    When it comes to character design, especially on new characters, how does the art team go about detailing the characters?

    What sources are involved?
    - images from the shows/movies
    - pre show/movie sketches and details
    - do they get things that are not released ever or prerelease?

    How often are designs reviewed or changed due to outside markups/edits?
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    Allow me to give a timeline of a long ongoing issue which imao doesent qualify as hot button.
    Data access for guild officers:
    January 2020
    In the January Q&A I (among quite a few other players) asked wether guild officers would eventually gain more access to guild playing data (TBand Ticket production in particular). This was answered by opening a thread where players could elaborate on what specific data they would like to gain access to. Imao this was already a bit of an insult given that I know of several player that already stated very specific examples of what they have in mind. Also according to prior Q&As the majority of the devs are passionate players as well. So answering with a counterquestion for specifics is a very disrespectful way to buy some time.
    Eventually one of the devs confirmed that all the suggestions are being received.

    April 2020
    On the question wether something is already in the works TopHat said he was gonna ask Crumb to set up a meeting the following week.


    June 2020

    And now my question: Why is it that CGdevs treat such a subject seemingly with indifference although it could make the game more enjoyable for a huge chunk of the player base without throwing more rewards at them and thus decreasing revenue. If a 24h review phase in TBs is "too expensive" please just say so and I wont mention it ever again.
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    When tuning light side geonosis tb did the developers have relic 8 in mind? Or was it done with relic 7 in mind? Or maybe relic 7 but with the upgraded mods we now have?

    Are we going to see probe droid shards get changed to get 1? In even a mid game guild dark side geo tb is always chosen. It just is better rewards and makes more sense, but makes it harder for players who started even 2 years after launch to get probe droid outside of spending get 2 which we need for capital ships.
  • Nauros
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    Another one comes to my mind: what do you consider your biggest past missteps while designing the game? What do you consider its biggest shortcomings now?
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    I would like to hear from the developers on the possibility for reworking or creating a new droid leader. The best droid lead was HK-47. HK had to be changed after his rework but it leaves no great leader remaining for a wide group. GG is good for separatists only but having an neutral (not linked to dark or light) droid leader would be fun. I want to know what thoughts the developers have on developing this.

    Even if it does not come to the game, I would appreciate the developers insights on how they approach this.
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    I don't really know if it fits the question but would like to gain some insight into the System with "Minoraccount". Especially the reason why it's so hard to change all that stuff. As far as I know many people like myself never got to set an age and are now locked in a "Minoraccount" with no way to change it. It's a problem I see almost never talked about exept in some forum posts from 2-3 years ago, but there aren't any answers on how to fix the problem permanently or why the problem exists in the fist place.
    Also I just wanted to thank you for engaging in the community and caring for us!
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    Hi there, I'd love to see some more information and discussion on TW matchmaking! I know there is a lot of hatred for it sometimes and it was once outlined.

    I respect that you're unable to give us the algorithm (else people will begin to manipulate it) but we're still far away from any clear answers on TW matchmaking because people do appear to get matched against guilds that there is zero % chance of beating.

    Namely, it would be cool to discuss:

    - What the report button for matchmaking is in-game for TWs. Is this for if you believe people are purposely 'sandbagging' or if its to outline bad matchmaking made through the system?

    - How often is the matchmaking algorithm looked at and changed? What QA happens with TW? Does it still happen or does it only happen when changes are made to TW?

    - Can we as players do anything to assist in the review of TW matchmaking?

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    I'm really curious to know the plan for hitting max stars in Geo LSTB. As it stands, we are about 4M max GP away from this even being possible, and based on where we were when it launched, it will be about 2 years before that amount of ship GP even exists. What was the reasoning for this?

    Also, super curious on the thought process behind the KAM mission being as difficult and RNG based as it is when we can only attempt it once per month. Did you know that the only way guilds can reliably get more than 40 shards per run is to use screen sharing apps like ZOOM? While I have participated in this practice, I absolutely hate that there is a single mission that is so difficult and RNG dependent that it cannot be reliably done a year after launch (and yes, I do have full r7).
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    When releasing new content such as raids, assault battles, TBs do CG test difficulty and plan for intended teams to beat this new content?
    What is the overall process for designing difficulty and what considerations do you have about how things like speed, health, potency etc is modified? E.g. do you generally just buff all by x% or is it more along the lines of “for this challenge, we will focus on high tenacity and high potency because of xyz”

    And along the same lines, if any “theory crafting” is done before release of new raids, which teams did you originally envision should be used to beat HSTR?
    I think it would be safe to divulge this information as I’m sure that new toons and years of theorycrafting by players have surpassed original intent.

    PS: it would also be interesting if the answer is “we set the bar high and see what the players do” :)
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    TW matchmaking

    The tw matchmaking doesn't work. There are guild that play in 40 to take advantage and play with lower guild to get an easy win.

    The advantage is really great...
    Example: if i play with my account with 5milion gp... with 10 player with 500k of PG they will never be able to win against me... They wouldn't be able to take down my rey GL or my drevan/malak team... so i will always win...
    With a guild that play with players that have 1 or 2 milion more than us is the same... amplified for more players...

    I hope that CG will change the politics of matchmaking...
    two ways:
    1) Matchmaking with same PG and same number of player (2 or 3 players of difference)
    2) All the guild have to play TW... who can play can put their teams in defence

    "I spoken"
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    4) Over a year ago, CG said that fleet "squads" were on their QOL wishlist. Ever since then, people have been asking for them during every Q&A. Now with 8 capital ships, the need is even greater. Will we ever be able to save our fleets just like we do with squads?

    Eight Capitals, who would have thought?! Please please implement fleet building.
    Looooki wrote: »

    But the power creep kicked in and the rewards are just old school that people just sim it.

    Make the old contents interesting, scale up the rewards. Make things fun again.

    Add a challenge tier to the GW, one that is like the old one difficulty wise. Perhaps with mods and slicing mats as the reward.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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    I’d like a thread where the devs could describe the thing they’re proudest of in the game but also what they regret most, either regret deploying or regret not doing. Preferably that thread would be locked from us gamers from posting in.
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    As you suggested, an insight into the behind the scenes life would be interesting, the development path from idea to launch.
    I’m sure there’s so much work goes into even just one character. How does the tram react to the community feedback etc - are they waiting nervously for the postings to come in etc? Anyway, there you go, interested in the human side of what brings us the game I love
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    Hey, many good responses here.

    Some read as more of a wishlist for in-game things you'd like to see, but there are some solid topics that I can try to dive into during some upcoming community interactions.
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    Thx Doja, you're like a walking Q/A.
  • Ultra
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    Another dev related question - does threepio and chewie’s stat sharing take into account the tenacity boost from CLS Zeta?
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    What goes into deciding if a character should be a shipment farm or node farm and why aren’t new characters introduced into the various shipments.
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    i meant choice of characters/ships . like how cantina, GW, and fleet shipments have been untouched for a long time.
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    Sebek wrote: »
    i meant choice of characters/ships . like how cantina, GW, and fleet shipments have been untouched for a long time.

    Oh they said they won't Update it

    Right, they said they wanted those to be a source of SSC.
    Make Bronzium autoplay opening an option.
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    One of the topics I would like to see discussed in detail is why there is a lack of fleet content compared to squad content. We have not gotten any true new fleet content since Contraband Cargo was added since the Advanced Fleet Mastery events are just modified versions of the existing Fleet Mastery. We do not have any Fleet Assault Battles, no Fleet Omega battles, no Fleet Mythic Events, no fleet Galactic Challenges only Contraband Cargo as a resource event, and no Journey/Legends ships. I would just to hear an honest explanation why fleet is so neglected when there are plenty of opportunities for this game mode.
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    Some things I would be interested in knowing more about:

    -How do you come up with the different modifiers for the Galactic Challenges?

    -How is it decided what characters leadership abilities are? (which ones give speed, offense, crit damage, evasion etc.)

    -What is the process is for getting new characters into the game? Is it like a storyboard and you go through and find the most popular and cross off the lesser popular ideas?

    -How is a character's base stats determined?
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    When we register to sim Rancor we're still listed in an order even though we know everyone will get the same rewards. Presumably the same thing will happen for HAAT. But are those "ranks" so that if we're working on a prestige quest we just have to wait through enough sims and we'll eventually be able to get those 3 x top3 HAAT finishes we need for the Jedi Master quest, etc.?

    If they aren't "ranks", does that mean that it's impossible to complete those quests without taking HAAT off sim?
    Thanks much. Love the work you're doing.

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    What did Mace Windu do to the developers to deserve such a terrible kit? (same goes for Kit Fisto, IGD, Eeth Koth, etc)
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    Zetas are super duper not practical to catch up to....
    Could we see legacy zeta abilities discounted!!!? ie costs 10x zeta mats instead of 20?!!!
    Even if it’s journey guide characters never have their zeta abilities discounted, it would be amazing to see even 2yr old characters have their zeta requirements reduced by half

    In the journey guide, galactic legends don’t link to the prerequisite characters, but the other characters do...

    Could we get something like the journey guide for all events??! Assault battles, mythics, galactic bounties...?

    Will there ever be wampas to attack to complete the bounty hunter prestige quest???

    Is there any discussion on improving btl-b y-wing... it’s really really undertuned for ls geo tb

    Why doesn’t every faction have an assault battle...?!?

    Could we see a raid mechanic that allows players to complete a solo run, but withhold posting the raid as closed for a period of time? Something like a 30 minute window to allow other guild players to continue to fight in phases as damage is posted by players not able to complete a solo run!!!

    Please never consider an 8th star

    Could we see some game mechanics that enhance gear drop rates... something like the specific gear sought via the ‘find’ button has a double drop rate ..!!!

    Mod management is rough, is there an overhaul being considered..

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    1. Sandbox mode and why its too costly to make
    2. State of graphics enhancements
    3. Ships, why its hard to balance this mode
    4. The idea of why gear crunch is needed when relics are here... explain this.
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    1) What was the design intention behind making mods completely random yet so vitally important to your roster? To us, mods are the single worst thing about the game, we have no control over stats beyond buying more chances. Are there any plans to change this?

    2) Fleets and ship combat are at least half of what Star Wars is, to me and all the Star Wars fans I know. Yet this game seems to treat it as a side thought, a new player gets it extremely late in their leveling, and it's basically just a skin of ground combat but twice as expensive (must gear characters AND ships), all of which is very discouraging. Are there any plans to overhaul this? Here is my very old post on the subject that seemed to have been ignored here (yet everyone in my guilds and my squad and fleet shards thought it was a good idea):

    3) How are bug fixes vs enhancements vs new content prioritized against each other? I understand that you must adhere to Star Wars release schedules, but who determines that audio bug X is more important than saved fleet roster enhancement Y, and what does that prioritization process look like?

    4) Please tell us more about the fundamental code architecture change your team mentioned many months ago. We got some vague descriptions about it allowing you to be more flexible, but can you talk specifics? Will this enable the game to catch up to or compete with new games that currently perform better with better graphics (such as DSA, Genshin Impact, etc.)?

    Thank you
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    Hello Holotable Heroes,

    As I've been working on a plan for broader community engagement, I've also been considering visiting topics of interest that you, the players, would like to hear more about.

    While this seems like the perfect opportunity for trolls to really let it fly on this thread (it's the internet, I get it), let me be more specific by adding the caveat that I am not asking for a list of currently-known, hot-button issues. I am very familiar with the sentiment surrounding those issues, and have done my part to communicate your feelings.

    What I'm asking for are any topics of interest that need more explanation (such as a dev breakdown on certain game mechanics -- similar to the Scrybe video breakdown), might be fun to talk about ( for example, some of your favorite Galactic Challenges and what made them enjoyable), or a behind the scenes look at older features/content (I plan on one day telling the story about staying at the studio until 4am to work on the STR mere days before its release).

    So, let's hear it. Feel free to include reasons you think it's fun or valuable for the community to explore your suggested topic.

    Thanks for the post! Good to see that we'll get more community engagement.

    I would really like to see some sort of dev breakdown on balancing and implementing new features.
    For example Jedi Master Luke Lead vs Jedi Knight Revan Lead. How does JML will be balanced to counter that lead? What was the intention to create an ultimate (JML) that can only be charged with one ability that can be blocked?

    It would also be nice to see the progress of creating new characters, how they supposed to work, how to balance them correctly, abilities more towards the lore or rather a game version?

    Might be cool to see pros and cons for certain features and maybe more community integration upon next features or even sharing some plans for upcoming features so that we can give some input what we think about it.

    Again, thanks for the post and the work to stay in contact with us! Cheers!
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    How about... what FTP players can expect once they finally get the prerequisites for their first Galactic Legend. My first GL will be Luke but I finally just got the reqs for Jedi Knight Luke. I think I’m going to be set up for disappointment because of this dreaded ticket system that doesn’t exist for my account despite playing for 4 years. Why can’t my account earn these tickets prior to unlocking a GL? Haven’t I waited long enough as FTP light spender to unlock them? Also waiting for Jedi Knight Luke event with no set date in the oct/nov/dec calendar fills me with despair.
  • Nauros
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    Guys, guys! We are forgetting the most important question of all: what has Wampa the parrot been up to lately?
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