Punishment for older players

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The shard shop used to be my first-to-go shop for highly valuable and much needed gear which older players still need to get their characters to Lvl XIII. I've got most of the chars at 7*, so each time any event happens which brings shards, or I get full character drop on Bronzium cards, or Daily entrance prizes bring shards of a character I already have - I hurry to the Shard Shop to get my tokens and buy some gear.

Now that the prices doubled, what do we get as a compensation? Ok, two shards in Bronzium cards instead of one, twice as much char shards in other shops, but what about full character drop in Bronzium cards? What about fleet events which brought us 15 extra shards each time which could alone buy me some cool gear? What about other events which brought us rebels, ewoks, sith shards etc? Will value losses be compensated somehow?

It's not one or two shards which you get here and there that make the Shard Shop attractive. It was such considerable influxes of extra shards.

Now when I use ally tokens I will lose each time a full character drops. I will lose on events that bring char shards. I will lose on each entry into the game which brings shards.

What will the devs do with this? The playing experience of older players has immediately and significantly deteriorized.

Wow, what a cool present for your birthday - to make your devoted players turn away from you. Do I need your prezzies bundle? It's a one time payoff whereas my normal progress will get much slower. I thought I'd get a GL KR in a month or two - now I'll get him not earlier than spring with the new pace for collecting gear.

Pls do something. You worsened the game for older players, you punish us - I dunno for what. Are you trying to push us out, making us quit?


  • I agree, if you pull any character shards from Bronzium Data Packs now, you're only going to get half the value you used to!

    It's like you try to come up with a new method each month to make older players quit!
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    Yes, this does decrease the income from. No one is going to argue that, but we should also keep this in perspective and look at the numbers, overall the % daily decrease is not as big as many seem to think.
  • But why should there be any decrease at all, what's the reasoning?!
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    Norrout wrote: »
    But why should there be any decrease at all, what's the reasoning?!

    They have explained there is an issue with changes needed for the full character.

    They also seem to be in the early stages of this process and mentioning gear. Maybe this will be addressed there, or other changes that might make up for it.
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