Kylo Ren turn reset glitch?

Not sure if this is intended, but if it is it should be removed. Whenever barris uses her heal, it somehow counts as an attack against Kylo if he loses health in the heal. And if you save him for last like I do, this ends up resetting his aoe when you don't even attack him.


  • Do you have barris, can you test this on your end? Use his abilities then use Barris heal, and see if it resets them.
  • I faced two people in a row in Pvp with the Barris-Kylo combo and it seemed to reinforce my hypothesis both times. I do not either have either of these characters though, so I can't do my own tests.
  • You're are probably correct. In the Savage Opress challenge, I fired Barriss heal when everyone was at 1 health and my lowest max health toon, Cad Bane, actually died. Barriss killed her ally. I bet it is registering as an "attack" when you use her heal on Kylo. Would be good to hear more from your tests to be sure, but make sense to me if she can kill her allies with that equalization.
  • I have both in my formation I'll test this real quick
  • Yea man I just played around for a bit and this occasionally does happen not every time though do to it only being like a 30 percent chance
  • probably because kylo's ability is around 30% :P
  • Don't target him while healing
  • reizse
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    i can confirm this happens. since kylo loses hp in the balancing, he got to aoe me twice in a row.
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  • Keaven
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    I have experienced this also. This should be posted in the bug forum btw.
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  • I believe this is cause by the mechanics of Kylo ren's determination of "being attacked". In order to avoid resetting abilities even when he dodges the attack, Kylo ren's "hit confirm" is determined by the loss of health, which if you noticed is an essential part of barriss's heal. Thus the refreshing of cooldowns happen when Kylo ren loses health in barriss's heal.
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