⭐BOBA'S ALLIANCE⭐ 69M-361M GP ~ US/EU/AP Guilds ~ Up to 28⭐LS | 32⭐ DS ~ 50 GUILDS!

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⭐⭐ BOBA'S Alliance (Band of Brothers and Sisters) ⭐⭐

⭐JOIN US TODAY!⭐ https://discord.gg/SagqXPf

~ 2300+ members from all over the world

~ All of our guilds have private channels and are run independently so don't let the word 'alliance' deter you!
~ We have server-wide channels for strategy, game discussions, and advice, along with fun channels like movies/TV, music, memes, books, food, and a channel to show off your pets, plus many more!

~ Come and join our recruiting server with 70+ recruiters available 24/7 to find the right guild for you.
~ A fantastic community with a wide variety of guilds to choose from.
~ Whether you're looking for a guild with optional or focused TW, Hoth TB, Geo TB, or a smaller guild to grow with, we can find the right fit for you!

~ We currently have 50 guilds that range from 69M to 361M GP

~~~ Up to 32⭐ in DSGTB

~~~ Up to 28⭐ in LSGTB

~ We have EU and US raid times

~ Discord is a must

~ You will need to have a public swgoh.gg

~ 600/Daily is requested by most of our guilds

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  • Awesome alliance. I couldn't be happier. Relaxing, fun, and very helpful. It's great that all guilds get private channels and yet we can all meet up in the various server-wide channels for some gameplay screen sharing or talking about our pets, or I can ask advice about the game. Boba's is definitely the place to be.
  • Amazing alliance! No matter what type of player you are, you will always find some like-minded players and guilds within the alliance. 100% recommended!
  • Great group of people, guilds are run independently, helpful resources and always someone to bounce ideas off of or get advice from. Top-notch players and newbies alike call Boba's home - join us today!
  • Come check us out and ask questions to find out what we can do for you!
  • Serious stuff, but there are also lots of fun things to do, and resources at your fingertips. No matter if you are a beginner or super high GP, everyone matters and are treated the same. I couldn't be happier. There's no alliance that runs the way Boba's does.
  • Check it out! From new to experienced players, we'll find the right guild for you. There's no tiered system in Boba's Alliance. No forced movement. Guilds run the way they want to, whether it's focused or casual, regional or worldwide, it's a unique blend of players that have come together to play a game and have fun!
  • You wont find a better group of guild in the galaxy.
  • 50 guilds are a lot and it's fun to intermingle!
  • We've got openings in several of our guilds. Please join our recruiting server on discord and see what we can do for you
  • Yup - best move for me was to join this awesome alliance. Great players, great atmosphere and top place to hang out and talk Star Wars, Games, Sports, Pets, Life, you name it. Come in from the cold and enjoy Boba's festive cheer and who knows, a new start for a new year!
  • We have openings at most GP levels. US/EU/AP guilds. Come check us out and see all the cool stuff we can do for you!
  • We have super cool 'magazine' cover ads! That's a lot of work and it's a great opportunity for you to come and check us out if you're looking for a new guild.
  • Great alliance with many guilds for different play styles and levels. Come join us!
  • We've got openings in several guilds. If you need a new home, we can find you something that will fit your play style.
  • We've got several guilds completing the CRancor! We have others that are very close to completing it.
  • Our super cool recruiters are ready to talk to you! Come visit our server and see what we can do to find a guild that fits your needs. :)
  • Great alliance with many guilds for different play styles and levels. Come join us!
  • Great group with a great atmosphere. No matter how you play. Stop by and see what we can do to find you a guild that matches you!
  • Get ready for TW or TB by joining one of our guilds! Need CRancor? Check us out
  • Lots of guilds to grow with! Fun community and great resources. Come to our recruiting server to see for yourself!
  • We have guilds for almost every GP range. Join our recruiting server and talk to our recruiters to find out what will work best for you!
  • There are openings, especially in our lower to mid GP guilds. Come develop your roster with us and have fun while you're here!
  • More and more guilds completing Cranky! Check out our guilds by joining our recruiting server and let's talk!
  • How can you go wrong with 50 guilds at your disposal? Drop by our recruiting server and let us help you find a new guild in a fantastic community.
  • Who can resist a baby Wampa? We talk about it in our alliance. Come join us and check it out.
  • We've got some spaces open in guilds. Looking for a new home and a new atmosphere? Join our recruiting server and talk to our recruiters. They're pretty cool and fun!
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