Darth Maul with Robot Legs (Concept)


I feel like EA needs to add this character to the line-up.

For the moves:
  • Demolishing Blade- Standard lightsaber attack
  • Revenge- Darth Maul Hits target once then calls in Savage Oppress to attack a second time (6 round cool down)
  • Maul's Rage- Maul yells increasing health slightly and raises attack stats. (3 round cooldown)
  • I Always Survive- If Maul is defeated, he can Come back to life at 25% health.
  • Death Stroke- Maul targets opponent with lowest health dealing a devastating blow. If opponent health is at or below 10% opponent is automatically defeated.

Journey Guide:
145 Shards
Can only use Dathomirians and Night Sisters to complete this. 25 shards per match.
Battle against Maul on Dathomir.

What do you guys think? This is my first concept and Darth Maul is one of my all-time favorite SW characters. :)


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    It’s cool but too many abilities, no uniques or leadership abilities and those abilities are pretty OP.
    It’s a good concept I do like it
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    Maul would be better with either quad legs or something like the scorpion king...
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