Mother Talzin should be a character

Since there aren't any good Dark Side healers I think adding Mother Talzin would allow for potential, since she did create Savage Opress and heal him from his injuries. I can't imagine any other Star Wars character not already in the game fitting the healer position any better.


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    Oh man she and old Daka would be insane together.
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    ZarAzi wrote: »
    Oh man she and old Daka would be insane together.
    Yeah the only thing is there's already too many characters with Nightsister synergy but I don't think that should matter.
  • cosmicturtle333
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    I said this in the 'characters we should add' thread.

    But I'm probably just being greedy because I want another Nightsister.

    I don't see anyone really caring about her, so now that the Devs are creating new heroes it seems like she would be very low on the list.

    Hopefully in the next few months they add her. With a sick leader ability too.
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    That would be nice, mother & son (Maul) in one team ...
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