Bronzium Character Drop Rates Will Be Doubled

Hello Holotable Heroes,

Our original goal when overhauling the Shard economy was to ease and accelerate the process of unlocking and leveling up characters for your roster. Throughout this process we also aimed to minimize the impact of the overhaul on other areas of the game, such as the shard shop, keeping things as close to net neutral as possible.

As Full Characters have a defined shard value, simply doubling the count didn't really make sense. To accomplish that same goal, we are instead doubling the frequency (chance) of whole character payouts. Effectively, the result is that you will receive the same amount of Shard Shop Currency after converting those shards as you would’ve before the overhaul.

We are confident this change demonstrates the appreciation we have for our passionate players and highlights our intention to continue to deliver the best Star Wars mobile game experience we possibly can.
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