Hero management screen

They really need a screen that allows us to arrange our chars for pvp defense and for allies use. Right now I guess pvp attackers just fight against the pvp team you last used and allies can only choose your leader to assist which is a bunch of Darth mauls or Barris. They really need to add more function on this. So when I'm looking to fight a darkside match that's hard and I want an ally Old Dakka and can't have her because no one makes her leader. Also if they did do they have to attack with her before i could see her or just her sitting in the leader spot makes it possible? It's a bit confusing.


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    We could use an improved interface, it feels a little old/cluttered right now
  • Nonemo
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    There isn't even a clear interface where you can set your present leader that you'll send to allies, or even clearly see which character is presently your leader. The best guess I've been able to make so far is that the character you use as leader for PvP is your leader. Which falls just short of making sense, since you don't even use the ally function in PvP. This needs to be remade. Seriously.
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