Why is a DRAW, not a DRAW?

Is there any worthwhile mechanics reason that if a GA battle results in a draw, the attacker loses all the his/her remaining toons, while the defender has them all still standing ready to defend again?
Not exactly a draw! Definitely favours the defender.
Surely it can't be that hard to have the depleted toons return to the available inventory for another attempt.


  • To add on, perhaps it costs the attacker a battle but still returns the toons.
  • Its especially fun when your winning 5-1 or 4-2 etc etc, but just can't finish killing them in the time limit with lag issues or just killing the tank initially etc etc.
    Another 30 seconds & the board would be swept instead its a "Draw" but its a LOSS in actuality.
  • A draw is a draw, end of story. Nobody won. Duh.
  • Not really, a Draw is the same as a Loss. Calling it a Draw implies some sort of difference/middle ground, but its just a loss where not everyone was dead yet.
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